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Core Competency Assessment of Undergraduate Student Achievement and Learning 

There are four main areas of CAUSAL:

  • Written communication as characterized by clarity, critical analysis, logic, coherence, persuasion, precision, and rhetorical awareness.

  • Oral communication as characterized by clear, persuasive, logical, and coherent presentation of information, ideas, and values to a specific audience.

  • Quantitative Reasoning as characterized by logic, critical evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and verbal, numeric, graphical, and symbolic problem solving.

  • Critical thinking as characterized by purposeful judgment which results in interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation, or solutions based on evidence and information.  



The following framework views entry level courses as the foundation and major programs as the arena for continued reinforcement and integration of skills and knowledge. Within each degree program, the core competencies are further refined by specific learning outcome statements that are measurable and relevant to that discipline. Co-curricular and experiential learning activities also contribute to the mastery of these core competencies. 

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