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Allied Health (2780)

B.S. - Bachelor of Science

Major: Respiratory Therapy Technology (279002BS)

Summit College

Year 1

2020:121 English3
2030:161 Math for Modern Technology4
2040:242 American Urban Society3
3150:110 Intro Gen Orgn & Biochem I Lec3
3150:111 Intro Gen Org & Biochem I Lab1
Oral Communication:Any3
Min Credit Total 17
2020:222 Technical Report Writing3
2040:240 Human Relations3
2740:120 Medical Terminology3
2040:256 Diversity in American Society2
2790:100 Concepts in Respir Therapy3
Physical Education/Wellness:Any1
Min Credit Total 15
Min Credit Total 0

Year 2

2780:106 Anat & Phys for Allied Hlth I3
3400:210 Humanities in Western Trad I4
3100:130 Principles of Microbiology3
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:Any2
Min Credit Total 12
2780:107 Anat & Phy for Allied Hlth II3
2790:210 Respiratory Therapy Proced I3
2790:215 Respiratory Therapy Pharmaclgy3
3600:120 Introduction to Ethics3
Humanities:Any Set3
Min Credit Total 15
Min Credit Total 0

Year 3

2790:301 Cardiopulmonary Assessmnt Tech2
2790:302 Cardiopulmny Anatomy & Physlgy3
2790:340 Appl of Clinical Concepts2
2790:311 Respiratory Theraphy Proced II3
2790:312 Diagnostics I3
3600:361 Biomedical Ethics3
Min Credit Total 16
2790:303 Cardiopulmonary Pathology4
2790:320 Neonatal/Ped for Rsp Thrpy I3
2790:341 RT Clinical Experience I3
2790:313 Diagnostics II3
2790:315 Adv Pharmclgy for Resp Therapy3
Min Credit Total 16
2790:325 Mechanical Ventilation4
2790:342 RT Clinical Experience II2
Min Credit Total 6

Year 4

2790:420 Neonatal/Ped for Rsp Thrpy II3
2790:443 RT Clinical Experience III4
2790:421 ACLS & PALS3
2420:300 Supervision in a Technical Env3
Min Credit Total 16
2790:444 RT Clinical Experience IV4
2790:430 Problems in Respiratory Thrpy4
2790:413 Resp Therapy in Alternate Set3
Min Credit Total 15
Min Credit Total 0
Degree Distribution Requirements
This curriculum guide is a recommended plan of study. Students with questions about degree requirements should contact an academic advisor.
3100:200 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and 3100:201 Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I may be substituted for 2780:106 Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health I.
3100:202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II and 3100:203 Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory II may be substituted for 2780:107 Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health II.
Students are eligible for CRT exam (NBRC) upon successful completion of courses through summer of third year.
3300:112 English Composition II may be substituted for 2020:222 Technical Report Writing.
Humanities- Students must have completed 3300:112 and 32 credits prior to completing this requirement.
The following credit hour requirements apply to this degree: 128 minimum total credits; 32 credits in residence; the final 32 credits must be taken from The University of Akron.

Guide Updated: 03-27-2013