Curriculum Guides


Business Management Technology (2420)

B.S. - Bachelor of Science

Major: Computer IS - Networking (244201BS)

College of Applied Science and Technology

Year 1

2020:121 English3
2030:152 Technical Mathematics II2
2030:153 Technical Mathematics III2
2420:103 Essentials of Management Tech3
2420:104 Introd to Busin Global Environ3
2440:105 Intro: Comptr & Appl Software3
Min Credit Total 16
2440:145 Introduction to Unix/Linux3
2420:202 Elements of Human Resourc Mgmt3
2020:222 Technical Report Writing3
2040:240 Human Relations3
2040:247 Survey of Basic Economics3
2440:140 Internet Tools3
Min Credit Total 18
Min Credit Total 0

Year 2

2420:211 Basic Accounting I3
2440:141 Web Site Administration3
2440:201 Networking Basics3
2440:202 Router & Routing Basics3
2440:247 Hardware Support3
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:Any2
Min Credit Total 17
2420:212 Basic Accounting II3
2440:203 Switching Basics and Wireless3
2440:204 WAN Technologies3
2440:248 Server Hardware Support3
2440:240 Computer Info Systems Intrnshp3
Oral Communication:Any3
Min Credit Total 18
Min Credit Total 0

Year 3

2440:301 Advanced Routing4
2440:310 Wireless Networking3
2440:338 Unix/Linux System Admin3
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:200/300 level2
Natural Science:Any Set4
Min Credit Total 16
2440:410 Network Authentic & Security3
2440:388 Unix/Linux Networking Admin3
3400:210 Humanities in Western Trad I4
2440:420 Voice, Data, and Video3
3600:120 Introduction to Ethics3
Min Credit Total 16
Min Credit Total 0

Year 4

2440:401 Multilayer Switching4
2440:281 Microsoft Networking I3
2440:282 Microsoft Networking II3
Humanities:Any Set3
Min Credit Total 16
2440:402 Troubleshtg Cmplx IP-bas Netwk4
2440:490 CIS Senior Projects3
2440:430 Network Monitoring & Mgmt3
Physical Education/Wellness:Any1
Natural Science:Any OTHER Set4
Min Credit Total 15
Min Credit Total 0
Degree Distribution Requirements
This curriculum guide is a recommended plan of study. Students with questions about degree requirements should contact an academic advisor.
3400:221 History in the World Since 1300 maybe substituted for 3400:210 Humanities in the Western Tradition I.
All students must achieve a C or better in each course in his/her major area (2440/2600). Prior to enrolling in classes for the B.S. CIS, you must contact an adviser in Polsky 301.
2030:161 Math for Modern Technology may be substituted for 2030:152 and 153 Technical Mathematics II and III.
2440:105 Introduction to Computers and Application Software may be tested out of. See your adviser for details.
The following credit hour requirements apply to this degree: 130 minimum total credits; 32 credits in residence; the final 32 credits must be taken from The University of Akron.
Three Year Accelerated Option
For first time students who have earned credits for at least the first year of courses. Credits can be earned through qualifying scores on appropriate Advanced Placement (AP) exams or through Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) courses. Credits for qualifying AP scores or PSEOP courses are determined by the appropriate academic department. Departments may assign varied course credit, depending on the student’s score on an AP exam or PSEOP course. Students may also receive credit by examination or via placement tests, where appropriate.

Guide Updated: 08-30-2013