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Business Management Technology (2420)

B.S. - Bachelor of Science

Major: Computer IS - Networking (244201BS)

Summit College

Year 1

2020:121 English3
2030:152 Technical Mathematics II2
2030:153 Technical Mathematics III2
2420:103 Essentials of Management Tech3
2420:104 Introd to Busin Global Environ3
2440:105 Intro: Comptr & Appl Software3
Min Credit Total 16
2440:145 Introduction to Unix/Linux3
2420:202 Elements of Human Resourc Mgmt3
2020:222 Technical Report Writing3
2040:240 Human Relations3
2040:247 Survey of Basic Economics3
2440:140 Internet Tools3
Min Credit Total 18
Min Credit Total 0

Year 2

2420:211 Basic Accounting I3
2440:141 Web Site Administration3
2440:201 Networking Basics3
2440:202 Router & Routing Basics3
2440:247 Hardware Support3
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:Any2
Min Credit Total 17
2420:212 Basic Accounting II3
2440:203 Switching Basics and Wireless3
2440:204 WAN Technologies3
2440:248 Server Hardware Support3
2440:240 Computer Info Systems Intrnshp3
Oral Communication:Any3
Min Credit Total 18
Min Credit Total 0

Year 3

2440:301 Advanced Routing4
2440:310 Wireless Networking3
2440:338 Unix/Linux System Admin3
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:200/300 level2
Natural Science:Any Set4
Min Credit Total 16
2440:410 Network Authentic & Security3
2440:388 Unix/Linux Networking Admin3
3400:210 Humanities in Western Trad I4
2440:420 Voice, Data, and Video3
3600:120 Introduction to Ethics3
Min Credit Total 16
Min Credit Total 0

Year 4

2440:401 Multilayer Switching4
2440:281 Microsoft Networking I3
2440:282 Microsoft Networking II3
Humanities:Any Set3
Min Credit Total 16
2440:402 Troubleshtg Cmplx IP-bas Netwk4
2440:490 CIS Senior Projects3
2440:430 Network Monitoring & Mgmt3
Physical Education/Wellness:Any1
Natural Science:Any OTHER Set4
Min Credit Total 15
Min Credit Total 0
Degree Distribution Requirements
This curriculum guide is a recommended plan of study. Students with questions about degree requirements should contact an academic advisor.
3400:221 History in the World Since 1300 maybe substituted for 3400:210 Humanities in the Western Tradition I.
All students must achieve a C or better in each course in his/her major area (2440/2600). Prior to enrolling in classes for the B.S. CIS, you must contact an adviser in Polsky 301.
2030:161 Math for Modern Technology may be substituted for 2030:152 and 153 Technical Mathematics II and III.
2440:105 Introduction to Computers and Application Software may be tested out of. See your adviser for details.
The following credit hour requirements apply to this degree: 130 minimum total credits; 32 credits in residence; the final 32 credits must be taken from The University of Akron.

Guide Updated: 08-30-2013