Curriculum Guides


Secondary Education (5300)

BAE - Bachelor of Arts in Education

Major: AYA - Chemistry/Physics (530509BA)

College of Education

Year 1

3300:111 English Composition I3
3150:151 Principles of Chemistry I3
3150:152 Principles of Chemistry I Lab1
3370:101 Introductory Physical Geology4
Social Science:Any Set3
Min Credit Total 14
3300:112 English Composition II3
3470:260 Basic Statistics3
3150:153 Principles of Chemistry II3
3150:154 Qualitative Analysis2
Oral Communication:Any3
Physical Education/Wellness:Any1
Min Credit Total 15
3100:111 Principles of Biology I4
3650:291 Elementary Classical Physics I4
Min Credit Total 8

Year 2

5300:100 Orient:AYA/P-12 Multi-Age Prg0
5100:200 Introduction to Education3
5100:220 Educational Psychology3
5500:230 Educational Technology3
5610:225 Intro: Exceptionalities3
3650:292 Elementary Classical Phys II4
Min Credit Total 16
5500:360 Ed Plan: Inst,Assess & Cls Mgt3
5100:300 Ed Eqty & Exc in Cult Pl Socty3
3100:112 Principles of Biology II4
3370:102 Introductory Historical Geol4
3450:221 Analytic Geometry-Calculus I4
Min Credit Total 18
3450:222 Analytic Geometry-Calculus II4
Social Science:Any Set3
Min Credit Total 7

Year 3

5500:370 Ed Imp: Inst,Assessmt, Cls Mgt3
5300:325 Content Reading in Secd School3
3650:301 Elementary Modern Physics3
3650:267 Life Science Physics Comp I1
3150:423 Analytical Chemistry I3
3150:380 Advanced Chemistry Lab I2
3150:401 Biochemistry Lecture I3
Min Credit Total 18
3650:322 Intermediate Laboratory I3
3650:133 Music, Sound & Physics4
3400:210 Humanities in Western Trad I4
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:Any2
Humanities:Any Set3
Min Credit Total 16
3150:263 Organic Chemistry Lecture I3
3150:264 Organic Chem Lecture II3
3650:130 Descriptive Astronomy4
Min Credit Total 10

Year 4

5300:420 Inst Tech: Secondary Education3
5300:421 Fld Exp: Inst Tech in Sec Ed2
3650:323 Intermediate Laboratory II3
3150:265 Organic Chemistry Lab I2
3150:313 Physical Chemistry Lecture I3
Humanities:Any OTHER Set3
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:Any2
Min Credit Total 18
5500:475 Instructional Technology Appl3
5300:495 Stu Teach: Secondary Education8
5300:496 Stu Teach Colloq in Second Ed1
Min Credit Total 12
Min Credit Total 0
Degree Distribution Requirements
This curriculum guide is a recommended plan of study. Students with questions about degree requirements should contact an academic advisor.
A minimum grade of C is required in both English Composition I and II, regardless of when a student started college. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required in pre-admission course credits, in teaching field coursework and overall, including transfer work.
At least 1 credit of Physical Education/Wellness, 3 credits of Social Science and 5 credits of Natural Science are required for admission to the College of Education Teacher Education Program. Please refer to the General Education Guide or your adviser regarding the acceptable courses. Ultimately, 6 credits of Social Science and 8 credits of Natural Science are required to graduate.
A minimum of 8 credits in an area of teaching are required for admission to the College of Education Teacher Education Program. These credits cannot be used to fulfill other pre-admission requirements. If the student has taken more than 8 credits in his/her teaching area, he/she must include the additional coursework toward the calculation of the teaching field GPA.
Computer literacy requirement: A passing score on the computer literacy exam or completion of one of the following computer classes listed in the next note at a B or better is required for final acceptance into the College of Education Teacher Education Program. The exam tests the following: creating, saving, naming skills, basic word processing skills, basic e-mail and internet skills.
Copies of "What's on the Computer Literary Assessment" are available in the College of Education, Office of Student Services, Zook Hall 207. If you do not pass the computer literacy test after two attempts, you must complete one of the following courses and earn a grade of B or better prior to admission to the Teacher Education Program: 2440:105(3) Introduction to Computers & Application Software; 7500:298(2) Technologies of Music Education.
Some education courses require additional field or service learning hours.
3450:100 and 3450:140 do not meet the Mathematics Requirement.
The following credit hour requirements apply to this degree: 128 minimum total credits; 32 credits in residence; the final 32 credits must be taken from The University of Akron.

Guide Updated: 04-08-2013