Curriculum Guides


Family and Consumer Sciences- School of (7400)

B.A. - Bachelor of Arts

Major: Teacher Education (H40401BA)

Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences

Year 1

3300:111 English Composition I3
7400:123 Fundamentals of Construction3
7760:133 Nutrition Fundamentals3
Social Science:Any Set3
Oral Communication:Any3
Min Credit Total 17
3300:112 English Composition II3
7400:125 Princ: Apparel Design3
5100:200 Introduction to Education3
Social Science:Any OTHER Set3
Min Credit Total 15
Min Credit Total 0

Year 2

7400:201 Courtship, Marr & Fam Relation3
5100:220 Educational Psychology3
3400:210 Humanities in Western Trad I4
7760:141 Food for the Family3
Natural Science:Any Set4
Min Credit Total 17
7400:241 Intro: Fam & Cons Sci Educ3
5500:230 Educational Technology3
7400:259 Family Housing3
5610:225 Intro: Exceptionalities3
Natural Science:Any OTHER Set4
Min Credit Total 16
Min Credit Total 0

Year 3

5300:100 Orient:AYA/P-12 Multi-Age Prg0
7400:265 Child Development3
7400:301 Consumer Education3
5100:300 Ed Eqty & Exc in Cult Pl Socty3
5500:360 Ed Plan: Inst,Assess & Cls Mgt3
Humanities:Any Set3
Min Credit Total 15
7400:360 Parent-Child Relations3
7400:442 Human Sexuality3
5500:370 Ed Imp: Inst,Assessmt, Cls Mgt3
5300:325 Content Reading in Secd School3
7400:491 Career-Tech FCS Instr Strategs3
Min Credit Total 15
Humanities:Any OTHER Set3
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:Any2
Min Credit Total 8

Year 4

7400:450 Families, Individl & Environmt3
7400:404 Middle Childhood & Adolescence3
7400:447 Sr Sem: Crit Issues-FCS Dev1
7400:406 Family Financial Management3
Area Studies & Cultural Diversity:Any2
Min Credit Total 15
5300:495 Stu Teach: Secondary Education8
5500:475 Instructional Technology Appl3
7400:498 Student Teaching Seminar1
Min Credit Total 12
Min Credit Total 0
Degree Distribution Requirements
This curriculum guide is a recommended plan of study. Students with questions about degree requirements should contact an academic advisor.
3400:221 Humanities in the World Since 1300 may be substituted for 3400:210 Humanities in the Western Tradition I.
5500:455 Literacy for Multiage Licensure may be substituted for 5300:325 Content Reading in Secondary Schools.
All FCS content and teacher education courses must be completed with a minimum of a C grade.
The following credit hour requirements apply to this degree: 130 minimum total credits; 32 credits in residence; the final 32 credits must be taken from The University of Akron.

Guide Updated: 03-19-2013