About General Education in Summit College*

All terminal associate degree programs currently within Summit College will contain 18 hours of general education course work (3 hours of which must be English) to be selected from the areas and courses designated in the table below. This course work must be approved by the General Education Advisory Committee and, therefore be accepted as part of the state-wide Ohio Transfer Module. Students are encouraged to select approved course work from Summit College.

Core Curriculum for Summit College

Note: Course work with HIGHER numbers are accepted as General Education courses (e.g. Technical Math IV meets General Education requirements even though only Technical Math II & III are listed).

English Area: 3 credits - 1 course 
Oral Communication: 3 credits - 1 course
2540:263Professional Communications and Presentations3
Mathematics: 3 credits - 1 to 2 courses
2030:152Technical Math II2
2030:153Technical Math III2
2030:161Math for Modern Technology4
Social Science/Interpersonal Skills - 6 credits
2040:240Human Relations3
3 credits - 1 to 2 courses:
2040:242American Urban Society3
2040:247Survey of Basic Economics3
2040:243Contemporary Global Issues3
2040:241Technology and Human Values2
Natural Science: 3 credits - 1 to 2 courses
2820:105Basic Chemistry3
2820:111Introductory Chemistry3
2820:112Introductory and Analytical Chemistry3
2780:106Anatomy & Physiology for Allied Health I3
2780:107Anatomy & Physiology for Allied Health II3
2820:110Physical Science for Technicians3
2820:161Technical Physics: Mechanics I2
2820:162Technical Physics: Mechanics II2
2820:163Technical Physics: Electricity & Magnetism2
2820:164Technical Physics: Heat & Light2
Area Studies/Cultural Diversity: 2 credits
2040:254The Black Experience from 1619 to 18772
2040:256Diversity in American Society2
2040:257The Black Experience from 1877 to 19542
2040:258The Black Experience 1954 to Present2

*Approved by Summit College Faculty on 11/14/2006