Fees and Expenses

Fees and Expenses continued

Dance Institute Fees
Click here to view Dance Institute Fees
Developmental Support Fees
Charged to all students enrolled in Developmental courses $10/credit hour
Engineering Infrastructure Fee – All Engineering Courses
Infrastructure Fee – all engineering courses $20/credit hour
English Language Institute
Late Registration $50
Application fee $50
Materials fee, per level, per semester/8-week session $50/40
Health Services
Allergy injections $5
Immunizations $20-$60
Laboratory Tests (avg. costs for most common tests) $5-$30
Prescribed Medications/Treatments $3.60-$43.20
Visit fee $15
ID Fees
ZipCard Replacement $15
Insufficient Funds Fees
"Insufficient Funds" or returned check charge and VISA/Mastercard returns for Insufficient Funds $20
International Programs
Archive document search $50
International Student/Teacher Identity Cards $22
Processing Post-Completion OPT $35
Replace Lost Immigration Form $50
Guest Travel Abroad Participant Fee $300
Request to retain Int’l Undergraduate Application $60
J-1 Visiting Scholar Processing Fee $150
Liability Fees
Liability Insurance Fee, Student Nursing $15
Liability Insurance Fee, Allied Health Technology/Surgeon's Assistant $61.50
Liability Insurance Fee, Allied Health Technology/Other than Surgeon's Assistant $15
Library Fees (Bierce, Auburn Science and Wayne)
Library Fee (excluding seniors, Law School and Wayne College students); Summit College associate students 0-95.5 credit hours $3/credit hour; $2/credit hour
Photocopies and printing charges $.07/page
Overdue Materials
UA students, undergraduate ($20 maximum) .10/day
Non-University borrowers ($20 maximum) .25/day
Replacement Cost plus $20 surcharge
Fines for recalled materials $1/day
Fines for hourly reserve materials $2/hour ($50 max.)
Fines for daily reserve materials $2/hour ($50 max.)
Fines for OhioLINK loans $.50/day ($50 max.)
Fines for laptop computer late fee $10/hour ($100 max.)
Archival Services
Photograph for personal use $5 + costs
Photograph for commercial use $75 + costs
Research time by assistant (min. 2 hrs) $20/hour
Photocopying time by assistant (min. 2 hrs) $15/hour + copies
Photocopies $.25/copy + postage
Film footage for commercial use (price varies) $45/second
Research Service (1-hour minimum charged)
UA students, faculty and staff At cost
Research fee (charged in 15 min. increments) $90/hour
Nutrition Center
Minimum Fee $5
Initial Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment $80
Individual 50-minute session $50
Additional quarter session $12.50
Additional half session $25
Follow-up Nutrition Session $25
Nutrition Screening $15
Computerized Nutrient Analysis $30/day
Group Sessions (per session, per member) $15
Special Services:
Indirect Calorimetry $75
Body Composition Testing (BIA, skinfold measurement) $15
Nutrition Education Presentation $120
Menu Planning Consultation $75
Computerized Menu Analysis (per hour) $75
Food Systems Management Consultation (per hour) $75
Sports Nutrition Testing & Consultation (per-hour) $80
Athletic Team Performance & Recovery Service
(Includes three 50-minute group sessions, three screening sessions and two on- or off-season education presentations):
Up to 20 athletes $2,000
21 or more athletes $100 each additional athlete
Nutrition Education/Instruction Materials Acquisition cost x 1.5
(A sliding scale or the Health & Human Services guideline on poverty will be used if the client has no insurance and if the family income and the number of dependents indicate there is a need.)
Off-Campus Student Services
Locker Rental Fee per semester $25
Damaged or Lost Equipment Fee Cost + 10%
Student Judicial Affairs
Administrative Fees
Finding of Responsibility/Informal Writing:
Agreement reached during Fact Finding $25
Agreement reached through Hearing Board Process $50
Disciplinary Fines
Restitution for lost/stolen/damaged while in possession (max) Cost plus 20%
Substance Abuse Violations:
Alcohol use/possession/distribution
1st, 2nd, 3rd offense
$50, $75, $125
Drug/controlled substance use/possesion
1st, 2nd, 3rd offense
$75, $125, $250
Serious Violations of the Code of Conduct
Violent/threatening behavior $150
Theft $150
Weapons $150
Drug sales/distribution, 1st offense $150

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