Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Located on this page you will find relevant information regarding Safety and Security, including links to those respective offices and departments. This information is provided as part of The University of Akron’s commitment to safety and security on campus and is in compliance with the Federal Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990.

The Campus

The University employs many people to keep the campus safe and secure. The Division of Public Safety provides for student and employee safety and security through the departments of University Police and Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. Student Affairs is responsible for security and safety policies governing residence halls, fraternities, and sororities and for teaching students about security and crime prevention. It is the intent of the University to continue and enhance current safety and security education and awareness programs throughout the year. The purpose of these programs is to assure that the campus community frequently receives information and instruction on University crime and safety policies and procedures, and on drug and alcohol control and prevention. A safe campus can be achieved only with the cooperation of the entire campus community. The University hopes students will read and become familiar with this material and be responsible for their own safety and the security of others.

University Police
Phone - 330-972-2911
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Campus law enforcement is primarily the responsibility of The University of Akron Department of Police. University police provide 24-hour-a-day patrol protection to the campus, parking lots, residence halls, and on-campus fraternity and sorority houses. The police station is located in the Physical Facilities Operation Center at the corner of Hill and South Forge streets and is staffed 24 hours a day. The University’s 40 police officers are commissioned by the State of Ohio with full law enforcement authority and responsibilities identical to the local police or sheriff. The UA Police Department works closely with the Akron Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. Reports are exchanged every business day so that both agencies receive pertinent information. Information is shared through personal contacts and by phone and radio. University and City of Akron police regularly work together at large campus events such as athletic competitions and dances. UA Police officers have met or exceeded the training standards of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council. They also receive ongoing in-service and specialized training in first aid, CPR, firearms, defensive tactics, legal updates, and other skills. UA Police officers enforce laws regulating underage drinking, the use of controlled substances, weapons, and all other incidents requiring police assistance. They also are responsible for public safety services such as crime reports, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, and traffic accidents. Incidents which may not rise to the level of a violation of law are referred to the Department of Student Judicial Affairs. The Code of Student Conduct Manual explains the University’s disciplinary process and is available through the Department of Student Judicial Affairs. It is the goal of every member of the University Police Department to promote, preserve, and deliver feelings of safety and security through quality services to the members of the University community.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

The issue of drug and alcohol abuse concerns the entire University community as well as our surrounding neighborhoods. The federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 require schools, colleges, and universities receiving federal financial assistance to implement and enforce drug and alcohol prevention programs for students and employees. The University of Akron prohibits the illegal use, possession, sale, manufacture, or distribution of drugs and alcohol by all students and employees on University premises or as part of any University activity. Any misuse of substances by University students and employees that presents physical or psychological hazard to individuals also is prohibited. It is the responsibility of The University of Akron to adopt and implement a drug prevention program for its students and employees. The University as an institution, and each of us as individuals, must eliminate the use of illicit drugs and alcohol that contribute to the unrecoverable loss of time, talent, and lives.

Crime Prevention
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Through the Office of Community Policing/Crime Prevention, University police officers provide educational programs to students and employees on personal safety, sexual assault/acquaintance rape prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and related topics. The University Police Department welcomes the chance to talk with any campus group. Candid dialogue between UA Police and the public has created greater confidence in the community to report unlawful activities. These programs are scheduled when requested. Potential illegal actions and on-campus emergencies can be confidentially reported by any student, faculty, or staff member. Complaints received by UA police which fall outside their jurisdiction will be referred to the appropriate agency, or the complainant will be provided a phone number where the complaint can be filed. Likewise, other agencies refer complaints to University Police when appropriate. The University Police encourage the prompt reporting of crimes. Security considerations and maintenance are high priorities. Police officers patrol parking lots 24 hours a day. UA police also offer assistance to motorists with battery jumps, inflating tires, unlocking vehicles, and obtaining fuel. To request non-emergency assistance, call extension 2911. To schedule an appointment for an educational program, call extension 2911. For emergencies, dial 911 from any campus telephone or 330-972-2911 from a cell phone.

Student Campus Patrol
Phone – 330-972-7263

A student escort service operates 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week for the safety of anyone walking alone on campus during the evenings. Summer and break hours vary. By calling extension 7263, an escort will come to the student’s location and accompany him/her to any campus building or parking lot. Employed and trained by The University of Akron Police Department, the campus patrol teams are easily identified by labeled jackets, or maroon shirts. These teams assist the University police in patrolling campus parking lots and other campus areas and report suspicious individuals or activities directly to the police dispatch center.

Emergency Phones and Emergency Phone Numbers

Yellow or red emergency phones are directly connected to the UA Police Department. These phones are strategically located throughout campus pedestrian walkways and inside parking decks. Police respond to the activation of any emergency phone receiver, even if no words are spoken. Outdoor security phones are at the main entrances of all campus residence halls. UA Police and other campus numbers can be dialed on these phones. If using an off-campus phone, dial 330-972- before the campus extension.

Campus Buildings – Hours of Operation

Most University academic facilities are open to the public from 7 a.m. until the latest evening classes let out. Administrative buildings are generally locked at 6 p.m. When the University is closed, all buildings are locked and may be opened only by authorized personnel.

Health and Safety

Members of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety routinely inspect the campus for environmental and safety concerns. The Department of Physical Facilities maintains University buildings and grounds and regularly inspects facilities and promptly makes repairs to ensure safety and security. University Police work with both units to respond to reports of potential safety and security hazards, such as broken windows and locks. UA police also work with physical facilities personnel to help maintain adequate exterior lighting and safe landscaping practices.

Personal Responsibility

The cooperation and involvement of students, faculty, and staff in any campus safety program is absolutely necessary. All must assume responsibility for their own safety and security of their property by following simple, common sense precautions. For example, although the campus is well-lighted, everyone should confine their movements to well-traveled areas. There is safety in numbers, and everyone should walk with a companion or with a group at night. Valuables should be marked with a personal identification number in case of loss or theft. Bicycles should be properly secured when not in use. Automobiles should be locked at all times. Valuables and purses should never be lying in view in a car but locked in the car trunk for safekeeping. Protect your identity and personal information.

Crime Statistics

The University of Akron Police Department complies with reporting standards set by the United States Department of Education guidelines. Our crime statistics can be found at our police department Web site at A hard copy of crime statistics can be obtained at The University of Akron’s Police Department located at 146 Hill St., Akron, OH 44325-0402.

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