Summit College

Summit College

Cooperative Education

Minimum requirements for cooperative education students include the following:

  • Enrollment in a program of study offered by Summit College wherein cooperative education has been established
  • Minimum grade-point average of 2.00 for all University of Akron coursework and a minimum of 2.00 for all coursework applicable to the program of study
  • Completion of specific courses and/or credits for a particular program as approved by the college faculty

Developmental Programs

The Department of Developmental Programs, in collaboration with the Office of Student Academic Success, provides academic support:

  • For all University students through individual tutoring, work in the Study Skills centers, Mathematics and Writing laboratories, and study strategies courses
  • Through these activities students develop and strengthen the skills necessary for successful performance at the college level
  • For students, including those who have been out of school for a number of years, who wish to strengthen their educational preparation through coursework in specific areas 

Students must complete with a grade “C” or better in any developmental courses they may be required to take within the first 32 credit hours attempted, including development hours.

Developmental Courses

Developmental courses are offered in writing, reading, college reading and study skills, and mathematics. (See 2010:042 through 071) Applied Study Strategies courses are offered in conjunction with specific General Education courses such as Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, U.S. History, Basic Math II, Government and Politics in the U.S., Natural Science: Biology, and others. (See 2010:064) Classes are small to provide maximum opportunity for individual help.

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