Teaching and Training Technical Professionals


Teaching and Training Technical Professionals (formerly Postsecondary Technical Education) offers great flexibility for returning adult students and is focused on the adult learner. While it  provides graduates with the knowledge and skills to design a curriculum, teach it to adults and assess the learners and the program, all learners become proficient in the use of learning with technology.

Students from various backgrounds, including medical assistants, police officers, accountants and computer technicians, obtain these degrees to train others in the skills needed for success within the workplace. And, the 32 hours of Professional Education credits can be taken completely online.

Major areas of study include:

  • adult learning theories
  • curriculum development
  • instructional techniques
  • use of technology in instructional design and delivery

Professional Preparation

A degree or certificate in Teaching and Training Technical Professionals provides individuals with the skills needed to successfully teach/train others in educational, business or military settings.

    Our Faculty

    Teaching and Training Technical Professionals program faculty conduct research in:

    • postsecondary technical teacher education
    • curriculum development
    • women’s career development
    • distance learning delivery systems
    • leadership

    Akron Advantage

    Hands-on Learning

    There are three main computer labs in Zook Hall, and several technology-enhanced classrooms used for teaching purposes and a fully developed distance learning classroom.

    Student Organization

    Curriculum Guide

    B.S. in Teaching and Training Technical Professionals

    The Teaching and Training Technical Professionals program at The University of Akron includes academic study in three areas, with a minimum of 128 semester hours required for graduation: General Studies, 42; Technical Specialty, 51-60; and Professional Education, 32.

    The 32 semester hours within Professional Education must be completed at The University of Akron, and can be taken completely online. Here is the list of required Professional Education courses.

    5400:400 Postsecondary Learner 3
    5400:401 Learning with Technology 3
    5400:405 Workplace Education for
    Youth and Adults
    5400:415 Training in Business and Industry 3
    5400:420 Postsecondary
    Instructional Technologies
    5400:430 Systematic Curriculum Design
    for Postsecondary Education
    5400:435 Systematic Instructional Design
    in Postsecondary Education
    5400:475 Instructional Practice Seminar 3
    5400:480 Diverse Postsecondary Learners 3
    5400:490 Modifying Online Instruction 2
    5400:495 Postsecondary
    Education Practicum

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    Career Opportunities

    Degrees and Preparation

    A degree in Teaching and Training Technical Professionals prepares graduates to primarily teach subjects within a technical specialty at the postsecondary level. Individuals will be required to use technology in the classroom or alternative theory environment. Common technical specialties of graduates include:

    • business technologies
    • engineering technologies
    • health technologies
    • natural science technologies
    • public technologies

    The student, with prior approval of the adviser, may select other career areas.

    Career Center

    The Career Center creates links among students, alumni and local professionals. You will have access to:

    • Career Resource Library
    • co-op/internships
    • computer stations for resume writing and employment research
    • UA Career Fairs 

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