Biochemistry Fundamentals

Biochemistry deals with living organisms at their most fundamental level, molecular and atomic.

  • A thorough background is provided in the molecular aspects of biology and biochemistry
  • Theory taught in the classroom is applied in undergraduate laboratory classes and individual research projects

Professional Preparation

  • Coursework prepares you for advanced study in biochemistry or a career in industry or government.

Our Faculty

  • All have received federal and industrial support for their research projects
  • All regularly publish in scientific journals

Akron Advantage

Hands-on Research

Undergraduates are encouraged to do independent research in a field such as biomaterials, bionanotechnology, drug design, molecular biology, or biomimetic chemistry. The Department of Chemistry maintains:

  • $8.6 million worth of nuclear magnetic resonance instrumentation
  • mass spectrometers
  • X-ray diffractometers
  • IR-UV-Vis spectrometers
  • liquid and gas chromatographs to identify, purify and characterize chemical compounds
  • cell culture and microbial growth incubators

Real-world Experience

Internships, cooperative education experiences and volunteer opportunities are available.

Curriculum Guide

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For More Information:

Department of Chemistry

Contact: Dr. Kim Calvo

Career Opportunities

Degrees and Preparation

A degree in biochemistry paves the way to careers in manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, and in research development and testing services for the government. Entry-level positions in biochemistry require at least a bachelor’s degree; research positions typically require an M.S. or Ph.D. degree. Biochemists with advanced degrees often hold faculty positions at colleges and universities.

Career Outlook

  • Opportunities are expected to grow for biochemists, especially in drug research, development, testing and
    manufacturing industries.
  • Graduates with experience in industry through academic laboratories, internships, fellowships or co-ops stand out among job seekers.

A&S Careers Program

Creates links among students, alumni and local professionals. You will have access to:

  • lending library with up-to-date, career-related publications
  • computer workroom for resume writing and employment research
  • volunteer, paid and for-credit internship placement on and off campus
  • department-specific mentoring arrangements


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