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Suggestions for Meeting with Academic Advisor

Suggestions for Meeting with an Academic Advisor to Schedule Classes

We urge you to think about the following things before you meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic progress and specific schedule each semester:

  • What are the specific effects of your disability, and how do they impact your learning?

  • Would you benefit by scheduling time between classes, rather than scheduling them "back to back"?

  • Do you need to take your classes at a certain time of day because of the effects of medications or for other reasons?

  • Should you limit the number of "heavy" reading courses that you take at same time?

  • Should you limit the number of math-related courses that you take at the same time?

  • Should you limit the number of writing-intensive courses that you take at the same time?

  • How might computer and Web-based classes impact you?

  • How important is the specific location of each of your classes?

  • Does the effect of your disability impact whether you should be taking a full- or part-time course load?

After you have considered the way each of these issues may impact you, we suggest that you discuss all relevant issues with your academic advisor prior to scheduling classes.

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