Disability Services for Medina County University Center (MCUC) Students

The Office of Accessibility and The University of Akron Medina County University Center (MCUC) collaborate to provide students with disabilities access to the full range of programs and services it offers.

The Office of Accessibility works with students in the development and implementation of appropriate accommodations to allow access to physical facilities and to educational and extracurricular programs.

The Office of Accessibility will assist with the determination of reasonable accommodations and will consult with MCUC as necessary. The implementation and use of accommodations are managed at MCUC. Students will work with MCUC staff to access their accommodations. The contact person is Jeanette Berger in the MCUC Main Office at 330-721-2210.


It is the responsibility of each student to identify him/herself to the Office of Accessibility and to request accommodations, if they are necessary. Appropriate documentation is required before eligibility is determined. Provisions of accommodations will then occur if students are eligible for services. Please contact the Office of Accessibility for information on documentation requirements at 330-972-7928 (v), 330-972-5764 (tdd) or access@uakron.edu.

Academic Accommodation Procedures

  • Submit current documentation of your disability completed by a qualified professional.

  • Office of Accessibility documentation guidelines are available upon request or on our Web site.

  • The Office of Accessibility will send you a letter acknowledging the receipt of your documentation and ask you to make an appointment with a disability specialist to determine reasonable academic accommodations.

  • Students will be notified once eligibility and academic accommodations have been determined.

  • Students need to request accommodation letters from the Office of Accessibility before the beginning of each semester. Once you have a class schedule, complete the "3 Step Process to Request Accommodations" through STARS. If you have questions, please contact us at 330-972-7928.

  • Coordination of accommodations at MCUC are facilitated by Jeanette Berger at 330-721-2210.

Using Accommodations and Services

For a list of accommodations and services, please see the Office of Accessibility Student Handbook. Students work directly with MCUC staff to ensure accommodations are provided effectively.

Accommodation Letters and Services

  1. Request accommodation letters through STARS.

  2. The accommodation letters will be emailed to instructors the week before the semester or upon request once the semester begins. We suggest that students discuss the accommodations they plan on using with each instructor.

  3. Take steps to implement your accommodations and maintain good communication with your instructors and the MCUC Main Office.

  4. Refer to the MCUC Checklist to assist in the accommodation and service process.

As a student taking courses at MCUC, there are some unique processes and procedures of which you should be aware. Please note:

Exam Accommodations

  • Talk with your instructor five business days prior to an exam to coordinate the time and location of your exam.

  • If you need to take the exam in the MCUC Main Office, please contact them five business days in advance to schedule your exam.

Note-taking Accommodations

  • Instructors will receive the note-taker memo via email.

  • Make sure your instructor reads the note-taker memo to the class.

  • If you have difficulties obtaining a note-taker by the end of the second week, contact Jeanette Berger to ensure a note-taker is secured.

Refer to the Office of Accessibility Student Handbook for a complete explanation of services, policies and procedures. MCUC students are held to the same policies and procedures as all University of Akron students.

The Office of Accessibility, at the main UA campus determines eligibility of disability-related academic accommodations. MCUC provides and coordinates academic accommodations and services. If MCUC students have questions, they should contact Jeanette Berger at 330-721-2210.


MCUC and the Wayne Campus

Students attending the Wayne Campus should contact Jane Fink at (330)684-8767 to determine eligibility for disability-related accommodations. The implementation and use of accommodations are managed at MCUC. Students will be working with MCUC staff to access their accommodations. The contact person is Denise Testa in the MCUC Main Office at (330)721-2210.