Application requirements

  1. Admission application
  2. $45 application fee
  3. High school transcripts
  4. ACT or SAT test scores

The University of Akron does not require an essay for admission. However, students who apply for an Honors College scholarship must submit an essay. Learn more about the Honors College.

Admission is determined by

  1. High school record (and a passing score on the Ohio Graduation Test for in-state students), and
  2. Scores on the ACT or SAT (ACT Writing Test is recommended).

College Prep Curriculum - suggested minimums

  • English - four units
  • Mathematics - three units
  • Natural Science - three units
  • Social Science - three units
  • Foreign Language - two units

Admissions criteria and categories

Students are admitted into three categories based on their high school academic record and test scores. Learn more about admission criteria and categories.