• Dr. Karim's student Gurpreet Singh wins the Eastman Fellowship: The 2012-13 Eastman Fellowship is awarded on the basis of his academic and research excellence. The fellowship will provide him with $5,000 to use on educational related expenses as well as a trip for him and his advisor, Dr. Alamgir Karim, to visit the Eastman facility in Kingsport, Tennessee, and give a presentation on their research.

    • Darrell Reneker, distinguished professor of polymer science; Matthew Becker, associate professor of polymer science; and Jukuan Zheng, a polymer science graduate student, developed a polymer system that can be fabricated and then specialized to perform healing functions ranging from fighting infection to wound healing. A WKSU Exploradio feature highlights this development at

  • Dr. Alamgir Karim elected AAAS Fellow