Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

The characterization of the surface topography and phase contrast is done with help of two high quality Atomic Force Microscopes(AFM): Nanoscope V and Dimension ICON with PeakForce. The latest Dimension ICON, is equipped with a large stage chuck with 200mm (8-inch) diameter, which can travel 6.06 inch (X direction) by 7.283 inch (Y direction). The microscopes can operate in three modes of data collection: Contact, TappingMode, and ICON uses Force Imaging: PeakForceTM QNMTM. The PeakForce mode allows High- Resolution Mapping of Modulus and Adhesion through direct force control with indigenous features stage. It keeps indentations small for higher resolution and non-destructive imaging. The samples can be characterized with detection in mod-ulus in widest operating range from soft gels (~1 MPa) to rigid polymers (>20 GPa).

Other capabilities of our AFMs compile into set of interleave scanning modes that allow measuring of: magnetic properties with Magnetic Force Microscopy, electrical properties with Electric Force Microscopy and Tunneling AFM (TUNA).

The ICON AFMA for all scanning modes is equipped with fluid cell, heating and cooling stage (controlled environment, temperature range: heater: ambient to 250oC; heater/cooler: -35 oC to 100oC), and a perfusion cell.