Akron Functional Materials Center

About AFMC

The AFMC resides in the newly constructed National Polymer Innovation Center; a 42,000 square foot facility designed specifically for advanced materials research, class II bioresearch, characterization, and advanced manufacturing. Academic and clinical participants in the AFMC will work with industrial members to address challenges and develop solutions in the areas of human health, energy and sustainability. The AFMC will drive innovation efforts to the next level – by fostering a pre-competitive environment where large numbers of clinicians, corporations, scientist and engineers will define common problems and work in tandem with member partners to provide solutions to these challenges.

The AFMC will involve industrial researchers in focused projects that are designed to be mutually beneficial. This approach has the benefits of magnifying out research efforts, assuring relevancy, and directly transferring acquired knowledge and techniques to industry. AFMC members will be served through a series of annual workshops, a dedicated website and documents that detail the practical aspects of applying methods developed by AFMC-funded research.


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