Safety, Emergency Policies and Procedures

It is the responsibility of each person to know the hazards peculiar to his/her own research. Because the laboratory work in the Institute of Polymer Science Labs and Department of Polymer Science Teaching Labs is quite varied, it is difficult to write a detailed set of safety precautions. There are, however, a few general rules and emergency procedures with which everyone should be familiar.

Every laboratory, occupied or not, should have posted, so that it is visible from the hallway, a card with the names and telephone numbers of two persons who may be contacted in case of emergency when the laboratory is unoccupied. This is necessary in order that watchmen can telephone in case of flooding, fire, electrical or mechanical malfunction overnight or on a holiday. Forms for this purpose are available from the Safety Representative.

Each laboratory occupant must know and understand his/her evacuation procedure from the laboratory and from the building. Use the enclosed stairs and not the elevator during evacuation.

Every occupied laboratory should have posted inside, in a prominent place, the emergency procedure for fire and injury. These procedures, in abbreviated form, as well as emergency telephone numbers, are available from the Safety representative.

Everyone must know the hazards to which he or she is exposed, whether it is from the material with which he or she, or someone else in the area, is working. One way to accomplish this is by reviewing the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for chemicals in use in your laboratory. Each laboratory or research group should maintain a book of MSDS sheets for the chemicals used in their area. MSDS sheets for chemicals in the Polymer Science building are available in room GDYR-132, or from the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Department.

Everyone who works with or is exposed to hazardous materials must be trained in the safe handling, storage, disposal and other conditions associated with these materials. This is the responsibility of the Faculty Advisor for each research group.

Each research group, and particularly each researcher, is responsible for housekeeping and maintaining a safe workplace. Inspections to ensure that safe working conditions are being maintained will be made periodically by researchers from other faculty groups, the building safety coordinator, and by representatives from the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Department.

For all Rules and Safety Regulations please click on link for the Institute Safety Handbook.