The Akron Experience

The story of The Akron Experience

The Akron Experience is your journey to success. It brings together all of the exceptional resources of The University of Akron and its community and business partners to create a personalized path for each student, from the first day on campus through a lifetime of achievement.

The Akron Experience is guided by a passionate commitment to each student, with faculty and staff dedicated to helping you find your own way and stay on track. It creates connections between classroom, research labs and career-related opportunities that broaden your horizons and prepare you for jobs or advanced degrees. Classroom insights are connected to real world problem solving to ensure that academic achievements link to personal and professional success after graduation. 

The Akron Experience continues beyond your diploma as you become a leader in your community, an innovator, creator, contributor and an alum who remains engaged with The University of Akron to help other students along their journeys.

What is The Akron Experience?

We’ve designed The Akron Experience to respond to:

  • What students say they want most in a college experience
  • What provides the greatest value to students in preparing them for a career
  • What research tells us is the most effective way to acquire knowledge and 21st century skills
  • What employers tell us they want to see in a promising employee
  • What makes for exceptional career-building opportunities
  • What alumni tell us they appreciated most about their UA experience
  • What our community values in a true contributor

The Akron Experience is distinctively Akron in that the in-and-out-of-classroom experiences for each student utilize the region’s historical, economic, social and cultural assets. 

The Akron Experience is distinctive for each student in that:

  • It begins before the student arrives on campus, with an assessment that identifies student expectations, interests, and aspirations.
  • The student’s interests, talents, hopes and dreams are built into an individualized curriculum
  • The University and Akron community provide resources for broader social, cultural and civic experiences, essentially creating a college without borders
  • Counselors, advisors and community-based mentors are engaged to provide connections relevant to career aspirations and ensure student success
  • Coop and internship experiences create post-graduate opportunities

Students learn how to be contributors, innovators, creators, thinkers and difference-makers.  They learn how to be successful.  And what they learn will serve them and their communities for a lifetime—as alumni of The Akron Experience. 

How UA helped me achieve my goals

Five students talk about their Akron Experiences, and how UA's exceptional resources and its connections across the region have helped them achieve their goals.

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