Careers in Anthropology, Classical Studies, and Archaeology

What can I do with a degree in Anthropology? The answer is: almost anything!  The skills gained through an anthropology degree transfer well to any career that involves critical thinking, and analyzing human behavior and the human condition from multiple perspectives.  An undergraduate degree in anthropology, along with a carefully chosen minor or second major, and/or foreign language, is valuable for a number of career possibilities. For more information on a major in Anthropology and the career possibilities, please contact:

Dr. Timothy Matney, Professor
The University of Akron
Dept. of Anthropology and Classical Studies
Olin Hall 241
Akron, OH 44325-1910

American Anthropological Association describes careers in Anthropology

What can I do with a minor in Classical Studies? A minor in Classical Studies provides a foundational education in the liberal arts, which values knowledge for its own sake, and the development of skills and abilities that can be applied to all fields of endeavor.  Our minors are prepared not only to enter the field of classics, but also to enter a wide variety of other disciplines and professions including history, political science, drama, philosophy, law, medicine, pharmacy, banking, architecture, business, museum work, and library science. For additional information on our minor in Classical Studies, please contact:

Dr. J. Clayton Fant, Professor
The University of Akron
Dept. of Anthropology and Classical Studies
Olin Hall 246a
Akron, OH 44325-1910

What can I do with a certificate in Archaeology? An archaeology certificate provides the necessary experience of field opportunities for students interested in digging through the past to help define our future. You can further explore this fascinating field, its career opportunities, and the certificate in Archaeology by contacting our resident archaeologist:

Mrs. Linda Whitman, Archaeologist
The University of Akron
Dept. of Anthropology and Classical Studies
Olin Hall 237e
Akron, OH 44325-1910

Arts & Sciences Graduates - What Do They Become?

Companies founded or headed by an Arts & Sciences graduate include:

Amazon    American Express    Bank of America    CNN    DirecTV    ebay    NBC Universal    Pinterest    Time Warner Cable    Starbucks    Pepsico

Source:  The Phi Beta Kappa Society

UA Career Center

At the University Career Center, you can find valuable information regarding career opportunities.  The Career Center offers many services to help students and recent graduates secure competitive career opportunities. These services include:Shaking hands