Thermal Analysis Services

The Applied Polymer Research Center can provide you with thermal measurements and analysis to enhance your processes and thermal knowledge base.

Typical Measurements

  • DSC: melt point, glass transition temperature, cold crystallization temperature, heat capacity, OIT (oxygen induction time)
  • TGA: pyrolytic/oxidative thermal profiles, composition
  • DMA: visco-elastic properties, storage/loss moduli, tan delta, glass transition temperature

Thermal Analysis Instrumentation

  • DSC: TA Instruments Q200 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • TGA: TA Instruments Q50 Thermogravimetric Analyzer
  • DMA: TA Instruments RSA3 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
  • DMA: Rheometrics Mark V Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer
  • Melt flow index Dynisco Polymer Test