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Invent the Future


Dr. Luis M. Proenza – President

Dr. Elizabeth J. Stroble – Senior Vice President and Provost and Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. Candace Campbell Jackson – Vice President and Chief of Staff

Dr. F. John Case – Vice President for Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ted Curtis – Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities Management

Mr. John A. LaGuardia – Vice President of Public Affairs and Development

Mr. Ted A. Mallo – Vice President and General Counsel; Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Dr. George R. Newkome – Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Mr. James L. Sage – Vice President for Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer

Mr. Russell D. Sibert – Vice President of Board Operations; Assistant Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Report to the Community
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What is the future of Akron? The answer must be, whatever we envision it. For if we succeed in creating a common vision built upon bold and powerful ideas, ambitious goals, and uncompromising standards, we will lay the foundation for a prosperous and vibrant tomorrow.

Vision, however, is but the first step. It must be followed with resolute and decisive action. As Goethe reminds us, boldness has transformative powers. The recent efforts and accomplishments of our own University stand as evidence of this truth. Early in this decade, our efforts primarily were focused on the physical transformation of our institution.

The most noticeable outcome, of course, is the physical renewal of our campus, with 10 new buildings, 15 major additions and renovations, and 30 acres of new green space. We also launched initiatives like the Institute for Teaching and Learning, and built a ubiquitous, wireless computing environment. These and other efforts set the standard for student success, and have resulted in higher enrollment and retention.

We also increased our efforts to engage partners outside the University. The University Park Alliance project (UPA), launched in 2001 through a $2.5 million grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, has generated more than $334 million in public and private investments, grants and programs to revitalize a 40-block area surrounding our campus. In 2006, the Knight Foundation awarded UPA an additional $10 million – the foundation’s largest single grant ever – to continue our work.

Our vision extends well beyond our own backyard. Earlier this year we announced the formation of an Innovation Alliance with Lorain County Community College to accelerate educational efficiencies, knowledge creation and economic development, which in turn builds strategic strengths for Northern Ohio. This significant project is the latest addition to a list of more than 600 collaborative projects, programs and agreements with partners throughout the region, state and nation.

Every vision needs a discernable goal. For our institution, it is to forge a new gold standard for a great American university — one that creates and adds value for our students, community and nation; that forms collaborations and partnerships to address the problems of today’s world; and that continuously advances our common future.

With every good wish,



Dr. Luis M. Proenza

William Demas

In nearly eight years of service on the Board of Trustees for The University of Akron, I have witnessed a kind of renaissance at this institution. This is good news not only for alumni and students, but for the entire community as well, because a stronger university means a stronger Akron.

The individual student experience is better than ever. The University offers enhanced academics, broader and more inclusive retention programs, a stronger commitment to diversity, and amenities and services undreamt of by previous generations of college students. This is due to a culture of continuous improvement, which exists not only among students, but among instructors, researchers, artists, scholars, staff and administrators as well.

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Dr. William F. Demas – Chairman
Mr. Philip S. Kaufmann – Vice Chair
Mrs. Ann Amer Brennan – Vice Chair
Mr. Roland H. Bauer – Trustee
Mr. Edward L. Bittle – Trustee
Mr. Howard L. Calhoun – Trustee
Dr. Chander Mohan – Trustee
Mr. Jack Morrison Jr. – Trustee
Mr. Richard W. Pogue – Trustee
Mr. Joseph D. Crawford – Student Trustee
Ms. Deneal Michaels – Student Trustee

Equally compelling is the breadth and depth of the University’s collaborations and partnerships with other institutions and organizations throughout the region. At so many levels – economic, educational, cultural and even governmental – The University of Akron advocates and embraces the potential that can be created through collective vision and effort.

Such accomplishments require the dedication and work of many people, both within the University community and beyond. To all whose efforts enable this institution to succeed and thrive, I extend the board’s sincerest gratitude and best wishes.



William F. Demas, M.D.
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Princetown 282