Following is a listing of some of the companies who have presented their business plan summaries at the quarterly ARCHAngels meeting.

develops biofuels from algae. When we fully develop all the technologies we own and license, we will produce algae oil for about $1 per gallon, roughly the equivalent of pretroleum at $40 per barrel. Phycal operates a sub-pilot scale plant in the Cleveland area and a laboratory to genetically modify algae in St. Louis. Phycal expects to have its first pilot plant operational in Hawaii in 2010. Contact Kevin Berner, President and CEO, at

is the first internet-based professional media network that accurately represents how media content is created and distributed in the real world. Using this platform, it is building a professional musician network for performing and recording artists to share their music, attract listeners and connect with media industry professionals. With CitizenGroove Music, the company plans to shrink the scattered internet music market by encompassing a wide range of features normally requiring multiple websites or applications. Contact Marc Plotkin, VP Business Development, at

is a life science company committed to developing anatomically appropriate implants and devices for children with orthopedic problems, giving pediatric orthopedic surgeons and caregivers the ability to treat children with technologies specifically designed to meet their needs. Contact Greg Downey, VP Business Development, at

offers the NasoNeb Powered Nasal Irrigator, the fast, convenient, no-mess therapy for chronic sinusitis and other nasal symptoms. The commercially available NasoNeb Powered Nasal Irrigator is a non-pharmaceutical therapy that delivers atomized saline to the nasal cavity under moderate pressure, to moisten and clear the whole nasal passages. Contact Bill Flickinger, CEO and Managing Partner, at

Zethus Software
has developed a secure document management and storage solution which adds structure to unstructured data (documents, emails, images, etc.) enabling high-levels of security, scalability, reliability and advanced management. Contact Brad Myers, CEO, at

FMI Technologies
has developed a portable and dedicated ultra high resolution diagnostic imaging technology for early detection and monitoring of neurodegnerative disorders. FMI's PET/CT/SPECT system offers a superior and more cost-effective imaging solution that enables advanced therapy and possible cures for Alzheimer's disease, Vascular Dementia, Parkinson's disease and breast cancer. Contact William McCroskey, President and CEO, at

Myers Motors
is a leader and an innovator in 100% electric powered vehicle transportation, conducting it's own research and development, product design (including electrical engineering), manufacturing, assembly, distribution and servicing. Myers Motors is currently producing the country's only highway legal (75 mph), all-electric (50 mile range that consumes $1 of electricity from a 110 volt outlet) vehicle. Contact Dana Myers, President, at

Vasolux Microsystems
is developing a medical device that provides a more accurate diagnosis for one of the most debilitating diseases - osteoarthritis. Contact Elliot Reed, General Manager, at

Inspiron Logistics
helps customers leverage the global wireless network. Inspiron Mobile enables any business application to send messages reliably, quickly and with a complete audit trail. WENS, Wireless Emergency Notification System, allows users to send emergency alerts to a larte number of subscribers in a short period of time. Contact Roy Phelan, COO, at

Fresh Fork Market
is a supply chain solution delivering product to restaurants, institutions and retailers directly from local farms; offering a "virtual farmers market" where farmers compete for a customer's business based on their quality, selection and price point. Fresh Forks' web-interface automates communications and logistics to allow product to be delivered within 24 hours of harvest. Contact Trevor Clatterbuck, Co-Founder, at

lowers the cost of handling staffing issues with StaffKnex, a unique web-based software to assist businesses in managing staff scheduling, staffing emergency resolution, reducing overtime and automating employee communications; targeting businesses with shift based workforces in the top five vertical markets of healthcare, food service, hospitality, staffing agencies and light manufacturing. Contact Mark Woodka, CEO, at

NEUROS Medical
A Cleveland, Ohio based neurostimulation company, is focused on developing neurostimulation therapies for unmet needs to patients worldwide. The company's platform technology, Nerve Block provides patients with elimination of chronic pain with potential applications in cancer pain, diabetic neuropathy, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Contact Jon J. Snyder, CEO, at

Wireless Environment
A patented technology platform that can be integrated into light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and fixtures. Wireless Environment's indoor and outdoor wireless light fixture technology creates products that allow homeowners and commercial and industrial sites to get light anywhere by using batteries for power and motion sensors or remote switches for control. Contact David Levine, President, at

is delivering a new standard in consumer behavioral media targeting, building a bridge between actual consumer spending data (housed within financial institutions) and advertising agencies/advertisers seeking qualified buyers at the time of purchase, by providing buyer profiles with proven purchasing patterns regarding specific products and services, while assuring total consumer anonymity. Contact Rob Heiser, President and CEO, at

Aria Analytics
is commercializing a novel platform analytical technology used for advanced liquid analysis in healthcare and industrial applications. A single test performed on the Aria instrument can replace multiple tests on multiple instruments, resulting in lower capital and operating costs per test. Aria's mission is to provide sound analysis for industry and healthcare. Contact Chris Vacca, CEO, at

Keep It Simple Solutions
is a manufacturer of patent-pending, easy-to-assemble, modular structures made of 100% polymer composites. The markets for these unique structures include local, state, federal and foreign governments and NGOs for emergency and disaster relief housing, refugee camps, military, hospital, school, commercial, industrial, recreational, nautical and storage use, to name a few. Contact Kitt Samuel, Founder and COO, at

I2C Technologies
designs, develops, integrates and supports Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance solutions on the basis of its proprietary state-of-the-art system software and customized integrations. I2C provides feature-rich camera controls, sophisticated recording and archiving, and automated video alerts created by intelligent analysis and detection. Contact Jeff Doak, President, at

is a manufacturer and marketer of a medical device for determining preterm birth risk in pregnant women. Cervilenz is FDA cleared for sale as a Class I Medical Device. Cervilenz is covered by multiple U.S. and foreign patents and applications. Contact Dean Koch, CEO, at

Helios Coatings Inc.
produces the only environmentally friendly, durable, patented metallic coatings to the $16 billion automotive metal coating markets that meets or exceeds the stringent manufacturers durability tests. Helios products will displace environmentally harsh and carcinogenic metal plating processes, add greater flexibility in the utilization of metallic colors thereby allowing the automotive companies greater product differentiation and personalization. Contact Mark E. Leininger, Chairman and CEO, at

Healthy Life Screening
is a mobile, cardiovascular screening company. It is the only known company doing echocardiograms and other medical testing on a preventative basis in corporations and physician offices. Contact John Marion, President, at

RSP Tooling
is commercializing a revolutionary additive spray form technology which produces dies, molds, and tools from molten metal. This process is faster, less expensive, and produces a higher quality tool than the standard subtractive method of machining. Contact James Knirsch, President, at

Collaborent Group, Ltd.
creates and markets group purchasing programs for public sector entities and receives as its fees a percentage of the monies spent by participating entities. Contact David Akers, Founder and President, at

SecuReach Systems
of Medina, Ohio, is a provider of private voicemail solutions servicing physicians, staff and patients. It addresses an important need in the medical community - the staggering amount of tests ordered by physicians, which must be delivered to the patients in a time saving, user friendly and cost effective way. SecuReach serves as a malpractice risk reduction system for physicians by tracking every medical test or referral from the time it is entered in the system until the patient actually receives the result. More importantly, SecuReach serves as a patient advocate - ensuring patient safety by improving communication of abnormal tests and instructions. Contact Dr. Steven Pap, President, at

InSeT Systems, LLC
is a newly formed company dedicated to commercializing an inertial tracking system for underground mines. The system, which is "patent pending," will also provide a number of operational improvements that allows the system to pay for itself while meeting the requirements of the Federal Miner Act of 2006. The inertial devices have numerous other applications for mapping and tracking that will be pursued as the financial results from the mining system generate the needed funds for R&D and IP protection. Contact J. Jay Breeding, COO, at

Sarah Care
established in 1985 and with 56 franchise locations sold, is the fastest growing national provider of adult day care services. The high end day care centers provide assistance for seniors with their health and/or personal care during the day through its uniquely designed program that brings together health, social and support services. Contact Merle Griff, CEO, at

Sensor Development Corporation
has simplified and made more sensitive the measurement of organic volatile compounds by making some of the world's most sensitive nano-crystalline type sensors. The ability to measure small concentrations of volatile organic compounds on line and continuously opens up new frontiers for agricultural point of site applications in corn crop production, ethanol production, mold diagnostics, environmental diagnostics and industrial environmental protection. Contact Nicholas Smilanich, President, at

HF Foods Technologies
produces Nutrigras, a unique food ingredient that increases moisture retention in foods, is low in fat and calories and is food-label friendly. Made from basic commodities, Nutrigras is produced by a patented technology that has been exclusively licensed to HF Foods Technologies from the US Department of Agriculture. Contact Larry Benders, President, at (216) 431-2044;

Midwest MicroDevices
is a developer and manufacturer of miniaturized electronic sensors known as MEMS, the only such manufacturer in the Midwest and one of only a few in the country. The global MEMS market exceeded $6 billion in 2006 and is on track to double by 2011, with the majority of this need generated by U.S. firms. MMD has transitioned to a steep ramp in its growth curve with three consecutive quarters of double-digit bookings increases and similar growth anticipated for the foreseeable future. Contact Jeffery T. Banker, CEO, at (419) 241-6963;

MyriadHealth, LLC
established in 2003, is a post-revenue company that focuses on the internet delivery of software and services to healthcare claims administrators. The MyriadHealth system is a web-based, real time claims management platform used by third party administrators and self-administered health plans that integrates the claims adjudication process from the point of care through the payment of services. Contact Pamela Priddy, President, at (440) 543 2680;

Vadose Research & Development, LLC
will manufacture synthetic crude oil, gas and activated carbon using selected organic wastes as raw materials, including scrap tires and waste automotive/industrial oils. Vadose’s patented process of thermal depolymerization (TDP) uses heat to break down mixtures of waste polymer solids and heavy oils to yield light synthetic crude oil which will, in turn, be used by petroleum refiners to make gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oils, lubricants and petrochemicals. Contact William L. Ullom, Managing Partner, at (330) 454-6706;

DimpleDough, Inc.
offers the first completely turn-key platform for personalization of gift cards and bankcards in the $117 billion prepaid card industry. These products drive additional card sales, amplify brand recognition, and increase consumer loyalty for banks and retailers. DimpleDough, Inc. also distributes customized gift cards through its innovative e-commerce site. Contact Shawn M. Barrieau, Founder and CEO, at (216) 393-1979;

Great Lakes Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
is a clinical stage company focused on commercializing products that prevent infections associated with indwelling catheters. Their first product, B-Lock™, targets the significant heparin catheter lock market (340,000 injections per day in US hospitals) with an anti-coagulant catheter lock solution that works against the bacterial and fungal microorganisms known to form biofilm structures in catheters. Contact Krzysztof Appelt, President and CEO, at (760) 840-0572;

NeoMed Technologies
is a biomedical company that has developed a unique, non-invasive method for detecting coronary artery disease (CAD). The NeoMed test, called “CADscreen,” is accurate, safe and, unlike stress tests, performed while the patient is seated at rest and takes only a few minutes of the patient’s time. Multiple clinical studies using CADscreen have yielded accuracies over 90 percent. Contact George Coleman, President, at (216) 781-3535;

reXorce Thermionics, Inc.
develops and manufactures the Thermafficient™ thermal engine, which recovers thermal energy from a wide variety of thermal sources that is transformed into usable electricity, cooling, and heating. Thermafficient™ is a patented system that utilizes supercritical carbon dioxide "CO2" and other working fluids to create a power generating cycle in applications as broad as datacenter thermal management, industrial waste heat, solar thermal, geothermal, bottom cycling in power plants and alternatives to the Internal Combustion Engine. Contact Phil Brennan, COO, at (234) 542-4392;

Analiza Dx
provides molecular diagnostics to detect early stage cancers based upon unique structure changes in body proteins. The diagnostic tests are highly accurate, low cost, and easily administered. Contact Arnon Chait, President, at (440) 808-8708;

Banyan Technology
uses companies’ existing freight relationships and saves manufacturers and distributors 10-30 percent on their freight costs. Banyan creates a system of record for all freight transactions that can be shared instantly with other business systems, throughout company roles, and among trading partners. Contact Jim Walborn at (800) 835-1274;

is a multimedia experience allowing users to watch, hear, read and fully explore best selling novels. The website offers author chat sessions and supplemental information on subjects addressed in novels, creating a community for sharing thoughts and ideas on specific books. Contact Diane Evans, CEO, at (330) 869-5998;

provides novel high throughput electrospinning nanoweb manufacturing process equipment for a range of polymer substrates. Nanostatics also provides a platform of polymer material chemistries with targeted engineering properties for specific applications, such as filtration. Contact Jay Fellows, President, at (614) 340-1694;

Interscopic Analysis
will provide web based world-wide access to expert medical diagnosis, cost effectively using leading edge image analysis technology. Initial focus will be on infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis in Southeast Asia and Africa. Contact Brian Sroub, Founder and General Manager, at (216) 337-3111;

Scattering Solutions
provides unique, cost effective capabilities to measure and characterize small particles in liquid systems. The new technology addresses major current problems in the pharmaceutical, nano-scale advanced materials, semiconductor, chemical and water quality monitoring industries. Contact Craig Saltiel, President, at (949) 241-1272;

Stanton Advanced Ceramics
provides major performance improvements to high temperature refractory ceramic lined furnaces in the aluminum, glass and steel industries. Advantages include higher strength, longer life, reduced corrosion, and increased insulation compared to conventional ceramic refractories. Contact Karl-Heinz Schofalvi, President, at (216) 881-8271;

Telerad Express
will provide expert day-time teleradiology service through the web, increasing productivity, cost efficiency, and quality of service. Partnering with strong radiology groups will provide access to subspecialty expertise, which is in short supply in many communities. Contact Ethan Cohen, CEO, at (216) 308-0024;

Exacter, Inc.
is a manufacturer of instrumentation for the electric utility market. Their product, EXACTER, is a mobile outage-avoidance system that automatically senses, locates, and maps failing electric circuit elements from vehicles. Contact John Lauletta at (614) 880-0842; john

ProScout MVP
is the leader in football film-editing software and online content management for high school sports and is the only technology that allows coaches, college recruiters and student athletes to capture, cut, index, archive and retrieve all game films. Contact Dan Policy at (440) 247-0200;

Within3 (formerly SMART Link Medical)
is the creator of, an online community and search platform that helps licensed physicians identify and evaluate referral, employment, consultation, and other opportunities related to their professional development as accessed through networks of their trusted colleagues. Contact Jim Bennett at (216) 241-0405;

Verishot (formerly Charitee)
created a new golf course hole-in-one automated surveillance system using solar powered, wireless kiosk technology. System installation is ramping up for daily fee golf courses interested in providing the excitement and revenue potential of hole-in-one contests. Contact Mike Burkons, President and CEO, at

has a novel anti-corrosion, wear resistant coating, which uses less energy, faster cycle times, thinner coatings and eliminates environmental hazards and wastes. Contact Tom Barratt at

provides a web-based multiple plant solution for worldwide monitoring of real-time production and process data. Contact Susanne Brinkmann, President, at

StreamlineMD (formerly ProPractica)
provides clinical information tools to help physicians streamline their practices. The company also offers guidance, training, and support for physicians to successfully adopt new information technologies. Contact Sean Mullen, CEO, at

Gauntlet Technology Systems
has a patented auto ignition immobilizer that prevents impaired drivers from driving, using unique software and technology that is not alcohol-breathalyzer dependent. Contact Elaine Futrell at

Prestan Products
designs and manufactures medical simulation and training devices for medical, emergency and first-responder personnel. Contact John Pastrick at

operates insurance approved clinics for immediate non-emergency health care, accessible to all for less and conveniently located in pharmacies, grocery and other retail stores having evening and weekend hours. Contact Ron Bucci at

Advanced Coatings International,
an Akron-based electronics coatings company, has developed a revolutionary waterborne photoresist technology that replaces the solvent-based technology currently in use. Contact Steve Johnson at

MemPro Ceramics,
a Colorado-based company, plans to incorporate in Ohio and form a research and development company to commercialize a new filtration technology using ceramic nanofibers that is being developed at The University of Akron. Contact John Finley at

OrthoHelix Surgical Designs,
an Akron-based medical device company developing a comprehensive set of instruments and implants for use in foot, ankle and hand reconstruction surgery, has just completed its funding round. Contact David Kay at