Helping companies locate, track at-rest data, monitor, and use their sensitive information assets by indexing information system, monitor and report changes to any index about at risk assets. For more information, contact a representative at

360 Safe Solutions

Platform that allows for direct communication between emergency responders and full accountability of staff during an emergency situation in a school.


Rabblester is a consumer insight application that allows makers to collaborate with customers to gain ideas and better manage marketing costs.

Citizen Sync (Alumni Company)

 A mobile tool that acts as a central source of local community events, local business promotions, and announcements throughout the region. 


Wastebits is a web-based platform that connects Generators, Waste Facilities and Service Providers for tracking, monitoring, and controlling waste activities.

Public Insight

Data syndication platform that takes public data and organizes it online for users to analyze and compare.

An advanced filtering controls to streamline searches for employers and law profession searchers.


Combines wearable tech, smartphones, and a dashboard portal to sync, analyze, and incentive physical activity amongst a group.

Big River

Big River is a cloud-based fundraising platform using donations to build longer-lasting relationships with donators.

Micro Datastat, LTD

Offers technology that allows pharmacists to use a barcode scanners system to reduce hospital medication errors and increase accuracy.


iRx Reminder is an app which tracks medication schedules, deploy electronic physical data diaries, or schedule questionnaires to assess behavior or attitude change.


Sequentia is a web-based platform for In-hospital patients and at-home individuals in need of extended care services, Hospitals and health systems that are discharging patients to the next stage of care, Extended care facilities and providers of any type that deliver short-term and long-term care services.


Tech platform which transmits in-home data of patient’s sleep apnea test to web portal for physicians to review and make treatment recommendations.


LendULink allows parents to actively prove that they are a potential low risk borrower, and therefore, should be given a low rate loan.

Paragon Robotics

Design and sell building energy regulator products to analyze usage and improve energy efficiency of buildings.

Complion (FKA)RegulatoryBinder

Enables hospitals to record essential regulatory trial documentation electronically.


Knoverse is creating the Virtual Robotics League, an action adventure video game series for teaching kids math, science, and robotics.

Handelabra Games

A game development team who strive to create digital versions of tabletop board games.


A virtual motion gaming system that accelerates the development of motor and cognitive skills for children.

Event 38

Event 38 Unmanned Systems is a provider of easy to use unmanned aircraft designed specifically for aerial photogrammetry and map making.

Enzyme Catalyzed Polymers, LLC (No Website)

Developing a cancer diagnosing polymeric agent using “green” chemistry.

Apollo Medical Devices

Apollo Medical Devices is developing a blood analysis system to generate results from a single drop of blood.


O2 Regen Tech offers OXAID, a bandage technology that combines the benefits of providing oxygen with a moist healing environment in a cost-effective dressing for chronic diabetic wound healing.


SpiroSano helps patients with respiratory conditions by providing a platform to manage and track their activities and episodes.


Using genetic engineering (cloning and protein expression) to produce vaccines that are safer, adaptive, and more economical.


Medical devices for bone inserts to make dental implants simpler and more cost effective.

Animal Oralectrics

Developing a chew toy (Zumby) designed to fight and improve oral health in animals.


Poly MedTech creates polymer-based wound closure solutions for the surgical wound closure market. Our initial product offering allows the surrounding skin to bend and flex ensuring better wound closure. 

Disease Diagnostic Group

DDG is focused on screening, tracking, and diagnosing highly infectious and neglected tropical diseases that have transmission issues in the developing world through a magneto-optical device which detects inherent magnetic nanoparticles created by the parasite.

Biobent Polymers

Replacing non-renewable, petroleum content in plastics with abundant agricultural co-products.

Adjuvant Polymers

Produces polymer-based chlorine that acts as an anti-microbial agent.


Akron Surfaces Techologies Inc. produce and sells unique surface coating solutions designed to improve wear resistance of components in automotive, aerospace, industrial, and medical device markets.


Terves, Inc. is a materials science company producing engineered composites used in the oil and gas well completions and defense industries.


A Mycestro is a 3D mouse that you wear on your finger and operate using gestures and thumb actions.

BOOM Nutrition, Inc.

A Cleveland based company that produces Carb Boom! Energy Gels®, a gel snack for endurance athletes.

Good Greens

Nutritional health bars for wellness and performance.

MAR Systems

Uses treatment technology and cleaning process to clean metal contaminate from water.