Professor of Military Science
42nd Ohio Volunteer Battalion Commander

Welcome to the University of Akron Army ROTC homepage!

My name is LTC Bradley Harvey, the Professor of Military Science and Battalion Commander for the 42nd Ohio Volunteers Battalion. If you are a contracted Cadet, thank you for your service. If you are trying out the ROTC program for the first two years, thank you for your participation. If you’re wondering what ROTC even is, allow me to explain. 
The Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps is the best way to stay in school, pay for school, and become a U.S. Army commissioned officer upon graduation.  While in ROTC, you are in the best leadership course ever.  You will learn how to manage yout time, your priorities, and information. You will learn to communicate effectively, act ethically, and think critically as a problem solver.  You will train your mind and body to become better, faster, and stronger. Most importantly, you will learn how to lead people to accomplish tasks as members of a team.  If you are in the National Guard or Army Reserve,  ask us about becoming a Simultaneous Membership Program Cadet. This will allow you to be in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves while giving you the time you need to complete your degree.
What about after college graduation? What does an Army officer do?  Army officers protect our country and are sworn to support and defend our Constitution.  Like doctors, lawyers, engineers, and professors, officers belong to a proud and noble profession – the profession of arms.  Did you know that the Army also has its own engineers, nurses, and legal aces?  Did you know some of the professors and deans working right here at the University of Akron started out as military officers? ROTC develops leaders and leadership.  Officers lead people, manage change, find ways to accomplish the mission, and run organizations. These are highly sought-after skills, and that’s why many Army officers go on to lead in civilian businesses and organizations.  ROTC is a great way to secure your future, whether you want to serve a lifetime or just a few years to gain valuable experience as a springboard to other opportunities.  
Like the University of Akron, Army ROTC offers you excellence, energy and opportunity in a dynamic learning and living environment.