Foundation Program

"Foundation" is defined as the base on which something rests or the fundamental principle on which something is founded, a basis.

The courses of the Foundation Program at the UA Myers School of Art are the basis upon which a career as an artist or graphic designer will be built. The content covered in this series of classes will serve as a resource for students to draw on as they move into upper-level classes and then into their professional careers. This groundwork is established to enable students and faculty to focus intently on the interaction between media and content as applied to specific upper level fine and applied arts disciplines.

The many concepts, media, and concerns covered are basic, but should never be considered simple. They are in many ways the most complex topics with which art students struggle. The concepts investigated in these classes are the language and grammar that are the conventions of visual literacy. As the elements of our common language, these are concepts students must know fluently. As the convention of our discipline, their history must be understood and their application to contemporary art considered.

The Myers School of Art's Foundation Program provides a unique and invaluable groundwork of knowledge and experience for the beginning art student.

For further information regarding the Foundation Program, please contact the Myers School of Art: or 330-972-6030


Art Fundamentals

Artists are imaginative, talented and creative people who communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings through art.

Strong foundation in the visual arts prepares you to pursue one of two degrees:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (fine art, graphic design, digital imaging, photography or three-dimensional mediums)
  • Bachelor of Arts (art history, art studio or art education) with three options for specialization:
    • studio art
    • history of art
    • art education with licensure in P-12 art education

Our Faculty

  • are practicing artists, designers and scholars
  • exhibit works regionally and nationally each year
  • are commissioned to create public art, book illustrations, commercial photography, digital imaging and other forms of art

Akron Advantage

Hands-on Experience

Experience various areas of art firsthand through our 40 studio labs:

  • ceramics
  • digital imaging
  • sculpture
  • professional and fine art photography
  • drawing
  • metalsmithing
  • jewelry
  • printmaking
  • painting
  • illustration
  • graphic design

You will have the opportunity to exhibit work and see that of other students as well.

Real-world Experience

You are encouraged to gain practical professional experience through internships and independent study. As an intern, you will work as a professional in a studio, gallery or art department in an organization.

Art Student Organization 

Interact with other art students and professionals in the field through organizations such as:

  • Student Art League 

Sample Curriculum

Bachelor of Fine Arts (to come)

For More Information:

School of Art

Contact: Katie Timperio

Career Opportunities

Degrees and Preparation

A degree in art prepares you to pursue a variety of career options.

  • Artists are self-employed and sell their own work or work on contract
  • Artists operate galleries, work in museums, teach or work as art therapists
  • Graphic designers and media artists may be self-employed, work on a freelance basis, or work for:
    • advertising agencies
    • design firms and publishing companies
    • television, motion picture, computer software, printing, publishing and public relations industries

Career Outlook

Opportunities will continue to grow for talented and creative individuals.

Career Center

The Career Center creates links among students, alumni and local professionals. You will have access to:

  • Career Resource Library
  • co-op/internships
  • computer stations for resume writing and employment research
  • UA Career Fairs