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The discipline, both scientific and humanistic, studies prehistoric, historic, and contemporary development of humans as social and biological beings. Because Anthropology majors study a historically wide range of human cultures, their understanding of specific social and ethnic groups, and the biological, ecological, and cultural factors which influence the behavior of these groups, prepares them to take prominent positions in medicine, business, law, and public affairs. Employment can be found in such areas as:

Social Service/Health Care Museums, Zoos, Libraries Local, State, National Gov’t.
Mass Media Insurance Foreign Aid Agencies
Employee Relations Foreign Service Research, Public and Private
Fund Raising Elem., Secondary, Higher Education Travel and Peace Corps


Classics concentrates on the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, which pioneered the civilizations of today, through examination of language, literature, archeology, and history. In addition to the obvious possibilities in Education, professional careers in Law, Medicine, and the Ministry eagerly await the talents of Classics graduates, along with numerous positions in Business and Industry, and the Government. Possible career options are:

Counseling* Real Estate Travel Agencies
Writing, Editing, Publishing Research Museums*
Finance, Banking* Advertising* Congressional Staffs
Insurance Marketing* Foreign Service
Management Book Preservation/Rare Books Federal Agencies
Corporate Communications, PR, CSR Career Planning, counseling EMT, Paramedic

* These paths may demand additional education.


The study of entire cultures and societies through excavation, preservation, study, and classification of artifacts. Students of study in Archeology at The University of Akron prepare themselves for work within many of the fields open to Classics and Anthropology majors as well as within the disciplines of history, linguistics, and geography. Most career paths in archeology include work on university digs and eventual graduate studies.

provides opportunities to teach, conduct field investigations, analyze artifacts/sites, and (for Ph.D.’s) publish.
Museum curator
positions require a Master’s or Ph.D. and are usually full-year positions.
State and Federal Government
positions are plentiful. Besides State Historic Preservation Offices, parks, highway and water resource departments provide employment opportunities.
Private sector
engineering, environmental and construction companies employ for cultural resources management.


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Archaeological Institute of America
Society of American Archaeology
Center for American Archaeology
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Smithsonian Museum
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