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Graduating and graduate students who wish to become clients of the A&S Careers Program Dossier Service must follow the listed procedures, beginning with completion, printing, and submission/distribution of the three necessary forms, obtained online.



[Form can be completed online and printed, but information cannot be saved.]

Client must complete, print, and submit to our office, either in person or through the US Postal Service, the official Registration Form with the appropriate registration fee and any other initial documents such as resume/curriculum vita requested to be included in dossier folder.

All sections of this Registration/Consent form must be completed, including the consent box which authorizes service to begin.

The full name of each referee [individual providing reference] and the date that the client requested the recommendation also must be provided.



The initial registration fee of $35.00 covers the first four mailing requests.

After the initial four mailings, a fee of $4.00 per address will be required at the time of the request.

Subsequent mailings with additional letters to the same address will require the $4.00 fee for each.

Payments are to be made by money order or check payable to The University of Akron.

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