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(Contact Career Center for their preparation workshop offerings.)




Thursday, March 7, 10 am - 3 pm in Student Union Ballroom

    (Contact Engineering Co-op office for registration details.)




Thursday, February 21, 10:30 am - 3 pm in Student Union Ballroom

    (Contact Career Center for registration details.)







No matter what your current college rank, you need to pay close attention to career fairs and begin as early in your academic career as possible to take advantage of the experience gained through attending these seasonal events.

The experience gained by attending will allow you to do better in the one-on-one interviewing sessions prior to the fair and gain the confidence necessary to navigate the scores of representatives who have set up tables at the actual event.

Persistent practice will give you a necessary edge over others and you may begin to recognize recruiters' faces and, just as importantly, begin to be recognized by them. Networking is necessary to your future, and it definitely takes place at a career fair!

By beginning early, you may hear about summer internships or part-time jobs available before graduation. These are the experiences which can provide you with the hands-on preparation necessary for entry-level employment. So, start your future now!



* Block out time to attend as many fairs [both on- and off-campus] during a semester as possible.

* Make a serious attempt to secure a listing of recruiting companies before the event.

* Make a more serious attempt to personally uncover additional company information.

* If interested in a particular company, forward letter with focused resume/cv stating intent to contact their representative during fair.

* Plan to attend dressed and groomed appropriately.

* Bring fresh copies of résumé, a pleasant personality, a firm handshake, and questions.

* Understand that you are expected to ask questions just as the recruiters will.

* Be prepared to answer the recruiter's questions clearly and concisely.

* If you like the company, ask about a second interview--even about summer work!

* Take home any and all hand-outs from companies of interest.

* Always, always, always ask for recruiter's card, making notes on reverse side.

* If you have had substantial conversations with representatives, send "thank you for your time" cards and include relevant personal information as a reminder to them.

* File this information away for future networking!


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