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Internships are cooperative efforts of the A&S Careers Program in The University of Akron Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences, on-campus departments, and local off-campus organizations to provide Buchtel College majors and minors with opportunities to establish a closer connection between academic studies and the world of work.

Students establish this connection by honing critical reading and analytical writing skills, logical thought processes and problem solving skills, and personal interaction skills through practical application supervised by sponsors in such fields as law, health, education, business, and media which are found in both the public and private sectors, for-profit and non-profit segments.

Internship experiences can last one semester, a full academic year, a full calendar year or a summer depending on the desires of the student and the needs of the sponsor. Weekly schedules range from four hours to 20+ depending on both the student's and the sponsor's schedules. While most positions are volunteer, there is a percentage that offer stipends, wages, or perks.



Some sponsors are right here on the UA campus in various departments and programs where supervisors are willing to allow students to intern around their academic schedules.

Local community sponsors can be found from Cleveland to Canton, with positions as far south in Ohio as Columbus. Sponsors are from the private and public sectors, profit and not-for profit, in such fields as health, education, multi-media, law, government, and corporate America.

Descriptions of all local positions cultivated by our Program and listed in our Internship Notebook, along with information on national and international opportunities, can be found in the A&S Careers Program library and accessed after an initial information meeting with Program personnel has been scheduled and attended.


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