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Students Who:

  • are declared Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences majors or minors
  • maintain full-time status during their internship experience
  • hold an UG GPA of 2.5+ or Graduate GPA of 3.2+
  • receive approval from the Program Director, Assistant Director, Department Advisor



Students should consider investigating internship possibilities as early in their academic career as possible. The sooner the excursion begins, the more experiences the student can have.

Freshmen should begin developing resumes and cover letters while attending career-related on-campus workshops.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who meet eligibility requirements may participate fall, spring or summer semesters in multiple internship placements throughout their academic experience.

Seniors who find themselves in their last semester without practical experience in a field of their interest should not be discouraged. There should still be time to secure an internship locally or on campus.



  • Call 330-972-5714 to schedule intake meeting with program personnel.
  • Allow minimum of one-month prep time prior to targeted internship semester.
  • Search program Internship Notebook for interesting opportunities.
  • Develop resume and cover letter independently or with program staff.
  • Receive internship packet along with interviewing information prior to meeting with sponsors.
  • Interview with sponsor/s and accept position of your choice!
  • Complete necessary ASCP contractual paperwork and meet additional program requirements.
  • Credit processes are handled within student's department by participating intern and designated advisor and requires fulfillment of specific on-site hours per credit.


The number of required weekly on-site hours that a student must fulfill is determined by the number of credits desired according to: the intern's department guidelines, the ASCP requirements, and the sponsor's request.

Total hours vary, but ASCP on-site requirements per credit are:

Up through 7 hours = 1 credit; 8 - 11 hours = 2 credits; 12+ = 3 credits.

Students, in addition to fulfilling specific department academic requirements, are required:

  • to maintain an open line of dialogue with Program personnel
  • to evaluate the internship through end-of-the-term paperwork
  • to develop a marketing portfolio: See Building Skills, Portfolios
  • to attend an exit interview for each internship experienced.

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