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All of us want our endeavors appreciated. An internship is work, and we all would like substantial payment for the work we do. While the Program does offer various paid positions with salaries ranging from slightly above minimum wage to over $400/wkly, payment for a job well done is not necessarily limited to a tangible paycheck.

The hands-on experience gained through internship participation is an invaluable complement to the knowledge gained in a classroom setting. The practical skills acquired in a field of interest before graduation is the plus that today's employers are not only seeking, but expecting, from recent graduates.

The pluses of accepting an unpaid position can be found in the flexible hours, diverse work settings, and benefits of real-world skill applications. The time spent on-site gaining practical experience can be seen as an investment that will guarantee a better position with a respectable salary in future days.

Remember that the earlier you start, the more time you have to experience several internships. You will have more time to decide if your initial impression of an occupation was valid and if that occupation is one in which you one day hope to be employed.

Buchtel College students who have participated in multiple internships have discovered that the world of possibilities for their talents are endless!

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