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While you should strive to give truthful, as well as thoughtful, answers to any questions asked during your interview, there are some questions which have been legislated to be inappropriate. If you are asked any of the following questions, answer them accordingly only if you judge them to be acceptable to you.

However, if you wish not to answer any of them, you may let the interviewer know of your concern over the direction of the questioning by answering something like, “There is nothing in my personal life which would keep me from doing my job professionally."

Age/Date of Birth/When you graduated If you are over age 18  
Birthplace/Ethnic background/Citizenship If authorized to work in U.S.A.  
Religious beliefs Unless interviewing w/religious organization  
Native language Lanuages read, spoken, or written if relevant to job  
Marital status, Date of marriage, Spousal employment and earnings, Pregnancy, Abortions, Dependent children If you are willing to relocate, travel, or work overtime - if all applicants are asked  
Physical or emotional disabilities May ask about any job-related defects or request a physical  
Arrest Record May ask if you have been convicted of specific crime related to job  
Affiliations You may list professional/trade organizations relevant to job performance  
Employment gaps . . . .

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