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Make certain that you have some questions ready to ask the interviewer. This will show that you have not only prepared yourself for the interview, but it also shows your interest.

In addition, most interviewers expect questions to be asked. It could hurt your chances if you remain silent. Keep in mind that some of these questions may be answered during the beginning of the interview, when the job is described in more detail.

PAY ATTENTION! Do NOT ask a question that has already been answered.

~ Is this a new position? or Why is this position available?
~ Who was last person on job and what is s/he doing now?
~ Where is job located? What are travel requirements, if any?
~ Can you clarify/expand on/discuss position responsibilities?
~ Describe any ongoing/typical problems to expect.
~ Degree of autonomy? Advancement?
~ Discuss key qualities needed to guarantee success.

When interviewing with future boss:
* How would you describe your management style?
* In daily interactions, amount of reporting expected?
* What have subordinates done that drove you crazy?
* Describe best person you have ever had in this job.
~ How will goals/standards for performance be determined?
~ Are they negotiable and will I have input in framing these?
~ Will these expectations be written and formal/informal?
~ Who will evaluate and how often can I expect feedback?
~ What tasks/outcomes will receive most weight in an evaluation?
~ What rewards for meeting expectations will be given?
~ What were some best results produced by those in job?
~ What resources are available: budget, staff, etc.?
~ What hiring/firing authority do I have? Can I give raises?
~ Can you tell me about the staff I will be responsible for?
~ Are you happy with their performance? Any notable dissatisfaction?
~ What are company's immediate strategic/operational priorities?
~ In your view, how is company doing right now?
~ Any issues/priorities I should be aware of?
~ What changes do you see coming to company/department?
~ Describe company culture as you understand it.

Direct these to individual you are presently talking with:
* How long have you been with company?
* How do you like it here?
* What do you like best about what you do?
* Based on your experiences, what does it take to succeed here?
* Do you feel that I am a qualified candidate?
* Where do we go from here?

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