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Hopefully, at the beginning of your job-search preparation you sat and thought about yourself in terms of your strengths and your weaknesses. You should now think about these attributes in terms of potential interview questions.

Strengths should be considered in relation to the needs of the targeted company. You may find yourself answering what your greatest strength is with, "My recent course work has provided me with knowledge of the most current changes in the field."

Or, perhaps you could respond with, "My involvement in on-campus activities has sharpened my organizational, communication, and leadership skills."

Weaknesses should be assessed in terms of how you plan to turn them into positive contributions to the organization. Concentrate on answering the question, "What do you consider to be your greatest weakness?" by admitting that xxx is an attribute that needs work: "My GPA testifies to my ability to learn quickly, so while my lack of work experience could be seen as a weakness, I know I can be up to par with my co-workers in no time!"

Or, perhaps, "My lack of involvement in college extracurricular activities could be seen as a weakness, but my interpersonal and leadership skills were enhanced through my part-time work and volunteer experience while attending college.

Or, even, "Although my degree is not in the traditional area called for by this position, I have a strong set of transferrable skills that I am confident will help me succeed in your company."

Remember, you take a less-than-positive and flip it by outlining a productive path to success!

> Ability to think conceptually, synthesize info, solve problems

> Ability to handle pressure, remain on task, complete projects

> Strong interpersonal skills

> Solid writing skills

> Self-motivation, team-building

> Common sense, maturity, honesty

> Transferrable skills
> Lack of work experience, negative job experience

> Low grades

> Poor speaking skills

> Poor time management skills

> Lack of organization

> Inability to relocate

> Major outside job description

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