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As you did when you began development of your résumé, you need to allow time for reflection before beginning the actual portfolio construction process.

To create the best marketing tool possible, self-assessment is absolutely necessary. You, and you alone, are your own best marketing director. If you can’t sell yourself, no one can!

This means that you need to consider all aspects of your life to best prepare for any contingency, from basic employment to a promotion and raise.

You should begin by transferring to paper your mental list of personal attributes so that they may be seriously considered and categorized.

You will need to organize as much documentation as possible to represent the numerous facets of your life. As with any research, the more information you have - the better off you are. The greater number of resources that you prepare now, the more focused your samples will be when assembling a future portfolio for a targeted audience.

When you need to market talents during an internship interview or a job search, or during raise or promotion negotiations, you will want to be as selective of inclusive materials as possible to guarantee a clear and concise representation of your qualifications.

You should have little trouble narrowing to a specific need if you have established a large information base.

So, get yourself a tablet and pen, some storage boxes, a cuppa, and seclude yourself for an hour or so while you begin making a list of possible inclusions or actually gathering together documents that you can immediately access.

Remember that this is merely the first stage of the portfolio process. You will find that as you remember the events in your life that you want to showcase, you will discover that many activities can be placed in various sections of your portfolio --  so decisions will have to be made, or changed, as the case may be.

You probably will be secluding yourself with a cuppa several times before you have finalized your first product sample. Think of the process as an adventure into your life thus far, and enjoy revisiting yourself!

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