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You should be quite pleased with yourself. Creating a personal employment portfolio can be a daunting task. But, we know that it is well worth the effort - as you can now see!

But wait, you are not quite finished yet. There are a few items you need to attend to before exhaling.


<  Include words Portfolio Available on resume and perhaps, even again, in next cover letter.

<  Practice discussing each and every document included in portfolio to be ready for discussion during an interview.

<  Focus on intended audience and make readjustments accordingly before interviews.

<  Take advantage of every opportunity for show and tell during interviews.

<  Make portfolio available before interview if asked, but do NOT leave afterwards.

<  Consider developing a shorter version in affordable materials which could be left with a company after interview.

<  Keep portfolio current with updated and pertinent materials.

<  Be consistent in form and content when including new materials or plan to revamp entire portfolio.

<  Have someone proof each and every document.

<  Have someone proof each and every document again.

<  Have someone proof each and every document again and again and, perhaps, again!


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