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Common sense should prevail during this process. Because a portfolio is a marketing tool - specifically your marketing tool - you obviously should want it to look its best.

If you are dressing for success for the interview or performance evaluation, then your portfolio should be match your perfection!

The information below should provide any additional information needed.


Include legible, clearly and concisely written, error-free copies of all documents.

Insert copies back to back within one page protector:
Any writings that are five pages or greater should be stapled and inserted as one unit within a protector.

Omit page numers always:
This avoids confusion when including or excluding specific pages/sections for targeted audience.

Consistent headings and appropriate placement of documents are a must:
Performance reviews, awards, certificates, work samples, etc., should be kept together according to personal preference and, of course, audience consideration.

The Introductory Title Page is ALWAYS the initial page.
It should include your name, notation of last update, and Statement of Confidentiality or Originality if desired in the beginning of, rather than at end of, the portfolio.

The Table of Contents will follow the Title Page and, naturally, will change according to content:
It is best to keep this document on an easily accessible disk or flashdrive for future changes.

Some experts suggest the inclusion of either a reflexive paper or a detailed list of developed competencies related to each document:
It is advisable to use a full page on which you include both a description insert and the competency explanation displayed directly opposite the targeted document.

Consistent font size and style on Description Inserts, as well as consistent placement within each page protector:
Cards should include information such as that shown on the examples below.

Policies & Procedures
ABC, Inc.
Fall 2015
Prof Writing Assignment
Spring Carnival
Fund-raising Proposal
Spring 2017
Freelance Work
Winter 2012 Newsletter
ABC, Inc.
Fall Internship
Volunteerism Article
Akron Beacon Journal
Akron, OH
Fall 2013

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