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Since you are writing this “book”, the story line is up to you. As with most publications, however, there are some formatting and presentation conventions best followed.

This does not mean that there is no room for creative "building" on your part. Include what you believe best reflects the total professional you!

For ideas on what those chapters could include, visit the A&S Careers Program in CAS 125 to ask for a “Professional Portfolio Item Sheet.”


Three-ring binder - preferably with a zipper
This allows you to add and remove information quickly while providing easy access to those interested in reviewing the portfolio. The investment in a good quality leather binder is worth consideration. It will pay for itself many times over in durability and in the message it sends to those perusing its contents. A second, less expensive notebook should be obtained to house all original documents and should be retained in a safe place.

Protective plastic sleeves
These will be used to shield each of your documents individually. Use connected sheets to highlight a multi-page project.

Tabbed Indexes
These dividers are best if they have oversized, insertable tabs in case you decide to change marketing strategies and rename a section of your portfolio

Copy Bond
Because you are keeping originals in a safe place and are using plastic sleeves, regular 20# copy paper in white, off-white, or buff will be sufficient for making inclusive document copies. If originals are in color, you must make color copies. Remember, all holdings must appear to be originals.

Description Cards
Each holding should have a description card usually found in the bottom right-hand corner of the protective sleeve. You will need a slightly heavier paper than copy bond [or perhaps blank business cards] to assure that each card maintains its position on top of the showcased documentation. These cards should NEVER be glued or taped to the documents. These cards should provide clear, concise additional insight regarding the showcased document and not reiterate the obvious.

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