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Like a resume, a portfolio is an important marketing tool. Just as a well-written resume can secure an interview, a thoroughly organized portfolio can be the winning element of a good interview that secures the internship, the job, the promotion, or the raise!

How can this be? Because during an interview, a portfolio allows an individual to highlight, in a show and tell format, numerous aspects of professional development through informative samples selectively chosen to represent her/himself.


  • Market skills, talents, abilities
  • Document uniqueness through example
  • Substantiate verbal declarations
  • Demonstrate range of knowledge, skills, abilities
  • Highlight honors, awards, affiliations
  • Accentuate personal professionalism
  • Display understanding of company needs
  • Boost confidence and strengthen optimism through readiness to:
  • Surpass the competition!

Now that you understand the purpose and value of this wonderful marketing tool, begin the journey to completing your own portfolio by clicking on the necessary links to the right.

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