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All styles discussed on this website demand attention to page design and information placement. Consistency in format is extremely important - even when developing an original presentation.

Choose one style font that is easy to read. Do not use more than three sizes of that font.

Bold, Italics, Underlining, Bullets, and Graphic Lines are all permissible, when used correctly, in paper versions of the resume.


The heading is your handshake of your resume so it must include a complete address, phone number, and email address is imperative and should follow a fully capitalized/typed name in a larger font.

A thoroughly focused, rather than generic, statement is mandatory or you should consider omitting this section or at least tagging it onto the end of a Skills section (see below). Focus on job type, targeted industry and geographic area desired: 'Research in biomed field. Open to relocation.' Always gear the Objective section to the needs of the employer--read the description of the open position, if possible, and use terminologies found within that description to state your intention.

Summary of Qualifications or Skills:
A section of this type should be considered instead of, or in addition to, Objective, to highlight you as an individual through the use of strong nouns and adjectives: 'Conscientious with strong work ethic, self-motivated team player.' Do not forget what may seem obvious, such as travel-abroad experiences and foreign language knowledge or computer and people/management skills.

Section should be showcased early --top third of resume. Although work experience may be substantial, you are currently selling a hard-earned, soon-to-be received or recent academic degree!

Honors, Organizations, Affiliations, Activities, Computer Skills, Etc.:
Section can follow Education or be placed at bottom of page.

Best placed between Education and Work Experience. It is sometimes advisable to showcase information by double indenting it because if placed between these two sections, the information generally falls in the middle of the page.

Work Experience, Experience, Job Chronology, Employment Profile, etc. [Section must contain the following]:

  • Correctly typed employer name with city and state
  • Job titles and dates of employment
  • Description of duties and responsibilities using:
  • ACTION VERBS to begin each line for all styles but "Keyword"
  • NOUNS for Keyword style format
  • Informative phrases using buzz or keywords
  • Brief statements of specific accomplishments

NEVER INCLUDE: Age, Ethnicity, Political affiliation, Marital status, Photo or Physical Description.

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