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Highlights job titles and is best for use with both paid and unpaid experiences relating to targeted position.

Highlights job skills and is appropriate when activities, part-time or temporary jobs, or life experiences are more impressive than the full-time employment you have had. Also is used when you have been out of work for quite awhile.

Highlights employer's name and employment dates and should be used if you have worked with an important company but not necessarily in an important position or to show that you have worked steadily. [This style was an old standard and is still preferred by some conservative employers.]

Contains the same basic info as the others but is used when seeking artistic or creative position. Data is structured in an individual style.

Used when a resume is scanned or when a specific skills base should be emphasized. Highlights skills through the use of buzz words/nouns specific to a field [Adobe Photoshop, MS Word] rather than through the use of generic terms [word processing]. Keywords may be placed in a Summary Section or scattered throughout a well-written document.

As with the Imaginative style, this resume follows guidelines rather than rules in displaying the writer's individual values being offered to a potential employer.

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