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Adults ages 60-80 are invited to participate in research studies on emotion and adult development.

Volunteers will be paid.


Study Enrollment Begins November 19

For more information or to sign up to participate, please call the Emotions and Aging Lab:


Tuesdays 9-4 and Thursdays 9-1

or email Katie Harrington


Typical studies range from 1-2 hours to complete and compensate $10/hour. Participants are asked to view emotional images or videos on the computer and report how they feel. Participants also complete cognitive tasks, like a vocabulary test or an attention test. Some studies also include eye tracking, video recording, or physiological activity recording (e.g., heart rate).

Participation is voluntary and all studies are approved by the University Institutional Review Board for human subjects. Many participants report that they enjoy participating in the studies; the tasks are interesting and they feel good being able to contribute to our understanding of aging and emotional development.

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