Special Events


9/4 -9/21 The Roar of the Greasepaint Various
Weathervane Playhouse Various
9/13 Akr Symp Orch:  Opening Night Saturday E.J. Thomas 8:00 P.M
9/16 Tour the Civic Theater Tuesday Civic 12:00 P.M
10/1 The Wiggles Wednesday Civic 6:30 P.M
10/2 - 10/19 Over the River and throught the Woods Various Coach House Theater Various
10/8 Tues Musical:  Time for Three Wednesday E.J. Thomas 7:30 P.M
10/9 - 10/26 Relatively Speaking Various Weathervane Playhouse Various
10/18 Akr Symp Orch: Cirque Symphonie Saturday E.J. Thomas 8:00 P.M

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