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Welcome to The H. Kenneth Barker Center for Economic Education Curriculum Library.  These lesson plans have been collected for more than 15 years.   Teachers who have participated in workshops offered by the Barker Center developed and tested the lesson plans and units.  Our hope is that you find this curriculum library useful.

The curriculum documents are listed first by subject area and then by grade level. To navigate simply click the subject area and then the grade level you are interested in to find economic materials related to that subject.


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Disclaimers on Documents

  1. Due to scanning irregularities some documents may have misspellings or omissions, or contain pages which are difficult to read. The user is encouraged to interpret and substitute more readily usable material, where possible, for current classroom use.
  2. Some reference or materials cited may be missing, outdated, or no longer available. The user is encouraged to interpret the content of the document and, where possible, substitute more up to date materials for current classroom use.
  3. Documents may contain ideas or lesson plans for teaching that do not specify economic content. The user is encouraged to supplement economic, business, and finance ideas to the content of the document and share these additions with this Web Site at
  4. Many Economic related concepts are the same for both the younger and older student. The user is encouraged to view multiple grade levels with the idea in mind that a younger or older teaching idea can be retranslated to suit the users' grade level.

It is our hope these materials will encourage you to introduce facets of economic education into your curriculum. Thank you for visiting!