Taking a workshop for graduate credit:

1. All participants must register with the Barker Center in order to earn graduate credit for a workshop (see registration form or register online).

2. For graduate credit hours, participants must enroll with The University of Akron Registrar’s Office. This requires a registration form that will be provided and completed the day of the workshop. Participants are able to earn 1, 2, or 3 hours of graduate credit. Each graduate credit requires the completion of 12.5 hours of work. Therefore, participants will need to complete workshop related assignments after the session has completed. Failure to complete these assignments in a timely and complete manner will result in the loss of graduate credit.

3. On the first day of the workshop, participants seeking graduate credit will be required to submit a check payable to The University of Akron, or, may opt to pay for graduate credit up to one week after the workshop via a secure online form. The Barker Center for Economic Education is able to offer participants a special reduced rate of $145.00 per graduate credit hour. Therefore:

A. One Graduate Credit Hour = $145.00
B. Two Graduate Credit Hours = $290.00
C. Three Graduate Credit Hours = $435.00

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