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Research Spotlight: Sociology

Sobriety, spirituality linked for teens in treatment

Increased spirituality in teens undergoing substance abuse treatment is associated with greater likelihood of abstinence (as measured by toxicology screens), increased positive social behaviors and reduced narcissism, according to a study by Matthew Lee from The University of Akron and researchers from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and Baylor University. Learn More

Student Spotlight

2014 BCAS Scholarship Recipients

Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences announces its 2014 Scholarship recipients.  Students were recognized at a reception held on March 18, welcomed by Executive Dean Chand Midha and emceed by Associate Deans Linda Subich and Neil Sapienza.  This year's award recipients are:

The Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Scholarship
Erica Detate
Emily Jumper
Michael Kovach
Emily Mayfield
Michael Moon
Devan Murphy
Winnie Pham
Katherine Schultz
Kristia Zingale 

The Evan B. Brewster, Jr. Scholarship
Craig Bernard
Theodore Hammer
Kelsey Jones 

The Charles E. Bulger, Ph.D., and Esgar Bowen Foltz, M.D., Endowed Scholarship
Madison Hexter

The William J. Costigan Family Endowed Scholarship
Lauren Bosley
Talia Kordahi 

Joanne J. Daverio Scholarship in Fine and Applied Arts
Jessica Haley
Anna Salvati 

Fine and Applied Arts Scholarship
Christopher Bentley
Adrienne Browning
Nathaniel Gilchrist
Danielle Lowery
Alyssa Myers 

The Pauline Franks Endowed Scholarship for Exceptional Students in the Fine Arts
Christopher Bentley
Adrienne Browning
Jaclyn Hale
Melissa Markwald
Darrell Stout 

Dr. Linda L. Moore Endowed Scholarship Fund in Fine and Applied Arts
Ashley Byerly

The Judith A. and Roger T. Read Scholarship
Paige Dobbins

United Way Dean’s Challenge Scholarship
Steven Ellsworth
Jackson Ewing
Alyssa Gieseck 
Joseph Micale

Cathryn Carroll Taliaferro Scholarship
Mason Hartzler

Dr. Sheldon B. Liss Endowed Scholarship
Elena Stamm

Phi Sigma Alpha Scholarship 
Genevieve Bohnak
Tannya L. Forcone
Sonali Paul 


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