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Community Spotlight

With support from the Myers Foundation
Destination Dance launches this summer

Thanks to support from the Louis and Mary Myers Foundation, The University of Akron's Dance Program is launching Destination Dance Project this summer.

Destination Dance Project will be an annual and always-new collective of regional professional dancers plus professional dancers and a guest choreographer from a select American city.

Led this summer by artistic director James Sewell of Minneapolis-based James Sewell Ballet, Destination Dance Project 2014: Akron + Minneapolis will premiere a new work Aug. 8-9 at the nationally known Heinz Poll Summer Dance Festival in Akron. The selected 2014 dancers will rehearse in both Akron and Minneapolis and also do a 2-week high-altitude intensive in Montana.

Sponsors of Destination Dance Project 2014 are The University of Akron’s Dance Program and Mary Schiller Myers Lecture Series, and the City of Akron's Heinz Poll Summer Dance Festival.

Throughout her life, Mary Schiller Myers was highly regarded in the art world. A passionate patron and avid collector of contemporary artwork, she served tirelessly on the boards and committees of numerous arts organizations in Akron, Cleveland, and New York City.

Mrs. Myers also was a devoted and generous alumna of The University of Akron, where she earned a B.A. in art history and later was awarded an honorary doctorate in recognition of her lifetime commitment to the University and to enriching the culture of the region.

Together with her husband, Louis, Mrs. Myers established The Louis S. and Mary Myers Foundation that provides generous support for scholarships, artist residencies, and other programs in the visual and performing arts at UA. UA’s Myers School of Art is named in her honor.

What is Next for Graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences?

Research Spotlight: Biology

Researchers Explain Spider Web Stickiness

Todd Blackledge, Department of Biology (far left in photo), and a team of UA researchers have recently unraveled the mysteries behind the glue spiders use to spin their webs.

This path breaking illustration of knowledge production will have a powerful impact on the development of future bio-adhesives, result in multiple commercial applications, and marks another achievement in a field where UA is taking a leadership role in collaboration with regional partners and the medical community.

The research, “Viscoelastic Solids Explain Spider Web Stickiness,” will appear in Nature Communications (May, 2010). Learn More

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Student Spotlight

Natalie Mallinak

Quilt of 47 flags pays tribute to UA’s foreign scholars

A 17-foot long and six-foot tall quilt made of 47 flags honors the various countries of UA's international students.   

The quilt project had its genesis in the when Graduate Student Council representatives asked Beth Waltrip, assistant director of operations for UA’s Student Union, to find a way to honor the various countries of UA’s international students. 

“A quilt of flags from dozens of countries would be a work of art as well as a tribute to our international students,” she says.  There are about 4,000 international students from approximately 95 countries at UA, many of them graduate students so she narrowed the criteria for the quilt to those countries from which two or more UA students hailed and was left with a manageable 47 nations.

Waltrip called on UA’s School of Family and Consumer Sciences and Peg Bingham, an adjunct faculty member, put a call out to students for assistance.  Natalie Mallinak, who is majoring in fashion merchandising, spent hundreds of hours working on the quilt which will be displayed in the Student Union.  “Just the idea of being part of this project – of honoring our international students and having my work displayed in the Student Union is better than I could have ever imagined,” says Natalie.

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