Frequently Asked Questions about BS/MD

What is the BS/MD Program?

The BS/MD program is an accelerated route to becoming a physician. Phase 1 is the undergraduate degree at either The University of Akron, Kent State University or Youngstown State University where students earn their B.S. degree at an accelerated pace in two or three years. Phase 2 is at NEOMED (in Rootstown, OH about 20 miles east of Akron) where students earn their M.D. degree at a standard pace of four years. While in medical school, students complete their clinical clerkships at the hospitals in Akron, Canton and Youngstown.

Who can apply to this program?

High school students and others without college credit after high school graduation are eligible to apply.

If you are not eligible to apply for the BS/MD Program, The University of Akron’s Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences (BCAS) offers three- and four-year paths in pre-medicine curriculum. Please consult with a BCAS academic adviser for information concerning pre-med curriculum, by or call (330) 972-7880 to schedule an appointment.

Is there a residency requirement?

A. No, there is not a state residency requirement. However, the BS/MD program is a state funded program and preference is given to Ohio residents. Out-of-state students may apply; however, the chance of an out-of-state student being offered an interview is greatly reduced.

B. Yes, there is a U.S. residency requirement. Students must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Verification of permanent residency requires that you provide your alien registration number and a copy of your alien registration card at the time of your application.

When should I apply?

A. The application (including test scores) is due to NEOMED by November 16.

It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure that all of the required admissions materials are received by NEOMED by the deadline. To check on the status of your admission materials, NEOMED will send periodic updates so check your email or call NEOMED at 330-325-6270.

Do I apply to each university separately?

No, there is one application to apply to all three undergraduate universities. To apply to the program, complete the online application found at The application is posted on August 1. If you have any questions about completing the online application, contact NEOMED at 330-325-6270. The application fee covers the cost of application to all three universities and NEOMED.

How are the candidates selected for this program?

There are two steps in the admissions process:

1. Selection of candidates to be interviewed.
To be admitted to the BS/MD Program, a student must first be selected for an in-person interview on the UA and NEOMED campuses. The selection of candidates is based on academic credentials, medically related extracurricular activities and other information provided in the student application. In the past, students chosen for an interview have had at least a 3.5 grade point average and at least a 27 ACT or 1210-1240 SAT* total/composite score (the highest composite score despite is used, despite the number of times the exams are taken). SAT II scores are not used in the selection process. UA extends an interview invitation to approximately 90 students in Early Action and 90 students in Regular Admission.
*SAT Total is Verbal/Critical Reading + Math.

2. Selection of applicants into the program.
After the 30 minute interview (a two to three person panel that consists of physicians and University of Akron faculty), UA reviews the interview results and academic credentials of each student.

What should I do now as a high school student to increase my chances of being selected for an interview?

A holistic approach is taken by the committee that selects candidates to interview. Factors considered are your academic credentials, especially math and science coursework, your experiences related to medicine and community involvement, and other diverse experiences. Along with doing well in your academic coursework, participate in several medically related activities over your high school career, such as volunteering at hospitals and nursing homes, shadowing physicians, internships, research, medical associations, etc.

What is the average GPA and ACT/SAT score of the students offered an interview for the program?

In the past, students chosen for an interview have had at least a 3.5 grade point average and at least a 27 ACT or 1210-1240 SAT* total/composite score (the highest composite score despite is used, despite the number of times the exams are taken). SAT II scores are not used in the selection process.
*SAT Total is Verbal/Critical Reading + Math.

When are the interviews?

Interviews are scheduled for January and February. The interviews are by invitation only.

How many students are interviewed for the program?

UA extends an interview invitation to approximately 180 students.

How many students are admitted into the program?

There are 35 students selected for the program each year at each of the consortium undergraduate universities.

Does The University of Akron BS/MD Program accept Advanced Placement Credit (AP)?

Yes, however it depends on the course. Typically, accepting non-sciences courses and math courses offer an advantage in completing required coursework in the BS/MD curriculum. However, accepting AP science courses can present unique problems to BS/MD students which may put them at a disadvantage.  Briefly, if you score 3 or higher in AP Calculus, you will receive credit for Calculus and we advise students to accept this credit as Physics and the MCAT are not Calculus-based. If you score a 5 in AP Chemistry you may bypass Principles of Chemistry I lecture and lab. If you score 4 in AP Chemistry, you may bypass the lab only. You must also have these Chemistry AP scores prior to entering into the BS/MD Program since Chemistry begins on the first day of class. Your decision to bypass Chemistry is unique to the student upon recommendation by the BS/MD Academic Coordinator. AP Physics does NOT give credit for the Physics classes in our program therefore all BS/MD students must take Physics (unless that student has taken an equivalent Post-Secondary course). A score of 5 in AP Biology is required to bypass Principles of Biology I and II. It is NOT recommended to bypass an entire year of Biology since this is the core course for all upper level biology classes.

Please refer to the University's Undergraduate Bulletin for a listing of Advanced Placement Credit and required scores. Search the phrase "Advanced Placement Credit" to find the list.

How do Post-Secondary classes count in the BS/MD program?

All classes taken at the Post-Secondary level must be declared upon acceptance into the BS/MD Program. The difference in the BS/MD Program is that the actual grades transferred will be used by NEOMED to calculate your overall GPA and your science GPA. Therefore, every grade you receive at every Post-Secondary institution will affect your GPA in the BS/MD Program.

Does the BS/MD degree require a foreign language requirement?

No, students enrolled in the BS/MD Program at The University of Akron are not required to complete a foreign language.

When does the program begin?

The undergraduate program at The University of Akron begins in early June of the summer after graduation from high school (each consortium university has a different start date). At The University of Akron, students take two summer sessions and enroll for about 15 credits total in both sessions. The entire program takes two years and three summers. If a student does the program in three years, the student still begins in the summer after high school graduation and it takes three years and three summers.

Is there criteria to stay in the program?

Yes, please review with the BS/MD academic coordinator on the campus of The University of Akron.

How much does the program cost?

Phase 1 - The University of Akron
Since Phase 1 is accelerated, students take 19 to 24 credits/semester and take 15 credits in the summer. Click here for The University of Akron's Tuition & Fees.  Since the time in the program is shorter, there is a financial savings in housing.Click here for The University of Akron's Residence Life & Housing.

Phase 2 - NEOMED
NEOMED's Tuition & Fees are found on their Website, under "College of Medicine Tuition and Fee Schedule".

What are the housing options at The University of Akron?

What scholarship funds are available to a BS/MD Program student?

Your application automatically qualifies you to be considered for UA scholarships, based on academic merit. All scholarship awards are contingent on enrollment credit hour requirements, GPA status and renewal criteria. There are also outside scholarships that you may want to apply for and that website is You can also apply for aid through FAFSA at

If you have any financial aid questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid website or call 330-972-7032.

If you decide to apply to the Honors College, you may be offered admission and an Honors scholarship from the Honors College whether or not you are offered a seat in the BS/MD Program. The Honors Application is separate and may be done online.

As a BS/MD applicant, can I also apply to the Honors College?

Yes. You are automatically considered for admission into the Honors College and you may be offered admission and an Honors scholarship from the Honors College whether or not you are offered a seat in the BS/MD Program.

Please note that as a BS/MD Honors Student, you will be required to commit to a three-year undergraduate degree. This is because of the time it takes to complete the additional research component requirement of the Honors College.

How do I get a campus tour of The University of Akron?

Information sessions and tours are offered by the Office of Admissions for high school students Monday through Friday, and select Saturdays throughout the year. These sessions are conducted by an Admissions representative just prior to the student-guided campus tour.