The Pan African Studies Program and the Pan African Center for Community Studies publishes a newsletter each semester to inform the community about upcoming events and allow for intellectual debate of issues related to the African American Community. Even though the newsletter is edited by our staff and provides students, faculty, and friends an opportunity to express their opinions about topics important to them, it is not the official voice of the university or the Center. Instead, the newsletter is a unique vehicle we have developed to demonstrate to the community our commitment to the African American experience, while providing a forum for those who wish to express themselves regionally and nationally. We invite those with differing opinions to write to us and express their concerns. Each semester we share our newsletter with other Pan African programs around the country. Anything that improves the intellectual discourse and allows for better understanding along racial lines is welcomed by us. The newsletter fits perfectly into our mission to bring the university to the people and also provides you an opportunity to join the debate.

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