Certificate in Pan African Studies

The central themes of the Pan African Studies Program are:


The Pan African Certificate Program is grounded in the African, or African-centered philosophy and world view. The Pan African Studies course offerings are important to your development as a well-rounded student and as a productive American citizen. The courses provide an opportunity for students to discuss, describe, explain and understand the events, actions and experiences of Africa and the African Diaspora. To enroll, you must be admitted to The University of Akron as an undergraduate or post baccalaureate student, and complete a formal application in the Pan African Studies office on the first floor of the College of Arts and Sciences building (330) 972-8427.

The Pan African Studies Certificate is awarded at the time a student earns a baccalaureate degree or completes the program. To satisfy the certificate requirements, a student must complete a minimum of 15 semester credit hours or five courses with a minimum of 2.30 grade point average from a list of core and elective courses or other courses identified as acceptable by the Director. Students need not enroll in the certificate program to take Pan African Studies courses.




Students must be admitted to The University of Akron as an undergraduate or as a post-baccalaureate student. You must complete a formal application process to the program in the Pan-African Studies office in CAS room 126. Students need not be enrolled in the certificate program to take Pan-African studies courses.


3002:201 Introduction to Pan-African Studies
3400:260 African American People of the U.S. 1492-1877 or
3400:261 African American People of the U.S. 1877-Present


2040:254 The Black American
3002:301 The Civil Rights Movement in America 1945-1974
3002:401 General Seminar in Pan-African Studies
3002:420 Special Topics Pan-African Studies
3250:486 Ghetto Economic Development
3300:350 Black American Literature
3300:350 United States Dialects-Black and White
3300:389 Special Topic: African-American Novel
3300:389 African-American Drama
3350:363 African South of the Sahara
3400:260 African-American People of the U.S.
3400:390 World Civilization: Africa
3400:468 African-American Social and Intellectual Issues
3400:486 Special Topic: African-American Experiences in Latin America
3700:327 African Politics
3850:421 Racial and Cultural Intergroup Relations
7750:270 Poverty in the United States
7750:270 Introduction to Social Welfare
7750:410 Minority Issues in Social Work