Terms and conditions: Please read carefully

In consideration for the ability to participate in the multiple benefits offered by Test-PreP Tutorials and/or Credit by Exam, I understand and agree as follows:

1.  The fee for each Test-Prep Tutorial (TPT) is $100 and must be paid for in advance, in full, by selecting those TPTs on this page in which I wish to participate. In addition, I must click ‘Agree’ on terms and conditions, and then click ‘pay’ and provide the information requested to process payment before the TPT begins.

2.  I will provide my name, UA ID#, and email address in the space provided, before selecting the Test-Prep Tutorial(s) I wish to participate in for $100 per TPT.

3.  If I decide I do not want to participate in a TPT before the session starts, I must contact the BCAS contact listed on this page.  If I do this, in writing, before access to the tutorial has been granted, I will receive a 100% refund. I understand and agree that once the tutorial starts, however, the entire cost of the TPT is non-refundable.

4.  Each Test-Prep Tutorial costs $100. I understand and agree that I cannot pay for a Test-Prep Tutorial on a payment plan.  I further understand and agree that I cannot use financial aid or hardship funds to pay for a TPT.

5.  Should I choose to take the Credit by Exam (CBE) during the two-week window of this Test-Prep Tutorial, the grade I earn on that exam will automatically appear on my official transcript.  I understand and agree that I will NOT have the option to reject the grade if I am unsatisfied with it, just as I would not have the option of preventing a grade earned in a course from appearing on my transcripts.  I further understand and agree that I will NOT have the option to re-take Credit by Exam for a change of grade.  I understand that I may enroll in the associated course and use the grade earned in that course to replace a grade earned through CBE. NOTE:  We do not recommend taking CBE credit/non-credit without first consulting with a UA advisor, because many requirements cannot be satisfied with a credit/non-credit course (such as General Education requirements or courses required for your major).

6.  Payment Procedures: Read Carefully.  CBE costs $30 per credit hour.  If I take credit by exam for a three credit course, my $100 TPT fee will be applied to the cost of the CBE offered at the conclusion of the tutorial, meaning that I will owe nothing and the tutorial would have cost me $10.  Tutorial funds may only be applied to the CBE attempt offered at the conclusion of the tutorial.  If I choose to attempt CBE I will complete the following steps:

Note to Academic Units: Do not proctor or evaluate any CBE without first obtaining the signed CBE form and appropriate cashier's receipt from the student, as described here.

Step One for Students: I will click here to print the form needed to earn credit by exam and bring this form to relevant academic unit as my first step toward gaining access to the tutorial.   

Step Two for Students: If I decide to attempt CBE, the department will ask me for the original receipt I received when I paid for the TPT and attach it to the CBE form. After I complete the CBE, the department will process the grade I earned.  See below for additional steps if I am seeking to earn more than three credits.

6a. If I am taking CBE for more than three credits there is an extra step:  If, for instance, I am taking the CBE to earn four credits, my $100 fee will be similarly applied, but I will still owe an additional $20 to take credit by exam. 

Extra Step for Students:  If I choose to attempt a CBE that is greater than three credits, before I attempt CBE, I need to first take the signed CBE form from the department and go to the university cashiers office with my original receipt to pay the additional fee ($20 for a four-credit course). I then attach that new receipt to the CBE form along with my other receipt, and give both back to the department to process as noted above.

6b.  Note on Academic Unit Responsibility    

  1. The department will take the form provided by the TPT students to the department chair/school director for her/his signature, and will ask that the forms be forwarded it to Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies (currently Dean Subich) for her signature. 
  2. The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies (Dean Subich) will (if necessary) communicate with the relevant Dean’s Offices on campus to obtain signatures for students who are not part of the BCAS. She will return the original forms to the department (directly or through the department chair/school director) after all signatures are recorded. 
  3. For any student who does decide to attempt CBE, the student will provide the department with the receipt (as outlined above). The department will deliver the fully completed original form (with grade recorded and receipts) to her/his Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, who will communicate with the department chair/school director, and forward the original to the registrar and copies to Deans Office and the student.  

7.  If I choose not to attempt to earn credit by exam, I can choose to take the associated course the next time it is offered by the university (and only the very next time…including summer session offerings), and my $100 fee will be applied to my tuition charge for that associated course.  If I choose this option I must notify the Dean's Office contact person immediately at the conclusion of the tutorial in order to allow the Deans Office to transfer the funds and it is then my responsibility to enroll in the associated course.

8.  If you choose, after completing this Test-Prep Tutorial, not to attempt to earn credit by exam and not to enroll in the associated course the next time it is offered, the $100 TPT fee is not refundable.

9.  Click ‘pay’ below and provide the information required to process payment.

10.  After you click ‘pay’ you will receive a receipt from the UA Bursar’s Office: Save this receipt.

11.  I understand and agree to check back periodically to this page for updates and other important information, and certainly as I prepare to go the first TPT meeting, for information about the location of the TPTs I selected as these locations might change. 

12.  By clicking ‘Agree’ I am indicating that I have read, understood, and agree to these terms and conditions outlined here in consideration for the ability to participate in the multiple benefits offered by Test-Pre Tutorials and/or Credit by Exam.

Agree and pay


Contact Bill Lyons at (330) 972-5855 or wtlyons@uakron.edu

Information for Departments Offering Tutorials

In order to process payment to the Graduate Assistant providing the tutorial, departments should charge the TPT payment to their operating account and then the Dean’s Office will transfer the funds into the department’s account.

The Graduate Assistant should be paid on a Graduate Assistant Funding/One-Time Payment form.

This form should be completed by the department, as they are best equipped to complete the information requested.

The form can be found here.   

The form can also be found on the Graduate School page.